ETC Labs Developer Bootcamp Promotes DApp Development on ETC

ETC Labs successfully wrapped up its Developer Bootcamp on October 27th, 2018. The first in a planned series of sessions focusing on general blockchain training and building on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain, the event pushed the boundaries of traditional developer bootcamps. It was an interactive event that catered to interested ETC developers through engaging speakers and training sessions. The event had more than 25 attendees, with many more joining the livestream online.

The bootcamp created plenty of opportunities for participants to get to know one another, network, and learn more about developing on the ETC Blockchain.

Attendees at the Bootcamp learning more about coding on the ETC Blockchain and the potential it offers

Stevan Lohja and Shane Jonas from ETCDEV presented the Emerald SDK, a set of development tools that help developers create decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum Classic. There are multiple tools available to developers such as ReMix and MetaMask, but they do not work together, nor can they provide a simple chain to create an app. Therefore, building an app is very fragmented currently. Emerald SDK makes DApp development easier by combining diverse functions in a single toolkit.

Stevan Lohja and Shane Jonas presenting on the Emerald SDK

Aaron and Maciej from Ethernode explained why a top-notch and reliable Ethereum node hosting service is one of the major requirements for developers and blockchain enthusiasts. Ethernode claims to offer the best Ethereum Classic node hosting experience that saves developers the hassles of downloading and installing an Ethernode on their systems locally. A key takeaway was the option to test out their free Morden node hosting service to create a personal node in less than a minute!

Aaron and Maciej on the benefits of Ethernode

Yaz Khoury from ETCCoop took participants through the steps to code a smart contract on ETC.

Yaz Khoury training participants on how to code on ETC

The Bootcamp series will have a significant impact on the Ethereum Classic network in terms of its growth in the future. A part of the blockchain’s value comes from the number of useful applications running on it. ETC Labs’ effort in supporting the development of DApps through regular structured bootcamps is a welcome initiative to promote the long-term growth of Ethereum Classic.

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If you’d like to meet the team, or know more about ETC or PoW projects, we’re hosting a Meetup in Vancouver on December 6 and San Francisco on December 12. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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