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ETC Labs Expands its ETC Core Development Team to Enhance Network Security

Ethereum Classic Labs
Sep 3 · 3 min read

In light of the recent attacks on Ethereum Classic, stated in the ETC Network Security Plan, we have made a promise to do everything we can to enhance security, strengthen the network and invest more resources, both human and financial. As a part of that initiative, we’re expanding the ETC Labs and its ETC Core development team.

Optimistically and encouraged, we welcome:

  • Luke Williams, Core-Geth Developer
  • Dean Pappas, Developer Relations Manager

“At ETC Labs, we are prioritizing the technology and addressing key issues that impact the blockchain ecosystem as a whole,” said James Wo, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs. He added, “we’re confident that the addition of Luke as a Core-Geth Developer will help to propel the advancement and ultimately the security of ETC, while Dean, as the Developer Relations Manager, will help to drive adoption.”

Luke Williams, Core-Geth Developer

Dean Pappas, Developer Relations

Previously, he was SVP and GM of Email and Data at Zeta Global, where he spent over 7 years transforming Zeta into a leader in email marketing and data analytics. Additionally, as a founder and entrepreneur, Dean founded Constant Innovations, a crypto marketing consulting firm.

Most recently, Dean has interviewed well-known Investor, Tim Draper, and Michael Collison, JIT compilation for the EVM on the Ethereum Classic Show.

If you’d like to connect with him directly, feel free to reach out to him on Twitter or Telegram at @mcdappas.

About Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs)

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Ethereum Classic Labs

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