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Ethereum Classic Labs
Ethereum Classic Labs
6 min readOct 24, 2018


ETC Labsfirst startup incubator pilot program is underway at our San Francisco office starting October 1, 2018. We reviewed an overwhelming 120 applications for the incubator, of which six startups were selected for the pilot program. They will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a roomful of investors at our launch event on October 25, 2018. Building on the ETC blockchain and already a fortnight into the pilot, their products are innovative and show great potential in radically developing the ecosystem. Here’s a brief introduction to who they are and what they do.

Button Wallet

A multi-cryptocurrency exchange wallet with the goal of providing a safe, user-friendly, and convenient option to store money on Telegram

Button Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet on Telegram. Their main goal is to offer people a convenient option for cryptocurrency asset management and personal digital finance. The team plans to host ETC as a coin within their wallet, and they believe that Telegram is the key platform for the world’s crypto and blockchain industry. Button Wallet believes that they have the same vision as Ethereum Classic, and its reputation, security, and strong community will benefit them immensely. Interestingly, the alpha version of the Button Wallet platform was developed within 5 months and attracted more than 6,000 users. The team is young and motivated with a strategy based on Agile development.

VRex Lab

Focused on bringing engaging, fun experiences through mobile VR/AR applications

VRex Lab’s mission is to deepen relationships between people using VR/AR content. They provide applications that enable users to create content leveraging virtual characters or items in VR/AR settings. The team plans to launch a marketplace where people can trade virtual assets that enable the creation of such content. VRex Lab started out on Ethereum, but grew more interested in ETC due to its potential and positive measures taken by core teams like ETC Labs or ETCDEV. ETC’s consistent commitment to immutability and decentralization resonates with them as they are interested in non-fungible tokens and the use of the blockchain for virtual assets to be used in content creation and entertainment. They will soon be launching a kick-starter campaign allowing users to own one-of-a-kind virtual characters that can be used in games and VR/AR applications. Users will be eligible for ownership of limited assets with premium benefits, such as early access or airdrops for characters/items created by artists, influencers, gamers, and other creators. You can follow them on Twitter @DyverseOfficial for more information, or sign up directly on for notifications on their launch.

GSC Platform

The first supply-chain on the blockchain that is dedicated to purchasers

GSC Platform aims to save cost and time in the purchasing processes, within the supply chain industry, by replacing standard purchase orders with smart contracts. Purchasers using the GSC Platform reap substantial time and cost savings compared to traditional purchasing processes. The team is diverse and multidisciplinary, with talented developers passionate about bringing the absolute best purchasing ERP platform to ETC. GSC Platform believes that ETC provides all the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem with the added advantage of enhanced immutability inherent with Classic. The team is currently working toward a first-stage MVP for their ERP 3.0 product that has been specifically designed for purchasers. As a first-mover in the purchaser-specific blockchain ERP supply chain space, the team is excited to collaborate with ETC Labs. You can follow them on Twitter @GSCPlatform and Telegram.


A decentralized IoT platform that allows users to store IoT data in real time, without any support from a centralized authority

AnyLog is a decentralized IoT platform that services businesses around the world — they aim to create an ecosystem of IoT products and services leveraging their platform and the underlying blockchain. Managing IoT data on their network would be cost-effective and instant across multiple products and services. Started by a team of database experts inspired by blockchain based P2P networks, their multidisciplinary team (blockchain, database, IoT, security and economics) includes 6 PhDs and some of the world’s best researchers. They believe that the ETC blockchain provides them a stable platform, which creates trust in the ecosystem they plan to build. AnyLog and ETC working together is an opportunity to change how IoT data is managed while also bringing ETC to the enterprise. They are confident that their collaboration with ETC Labs will accelerate the relationships they currently have with a few global IT companies, while also enabling new partnerships. They are available on Twitter @AnyLog_co.


Bringing in a new era of gaming technology by providing immersive experiences through augmented reality

Scanta aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real life through its interactive and immersive AR gaming user experiences. They have the biggest library of 80+ unique AR avatars they call Pikamojis, and IPs, stored on the ETC blockchain. Scanta believes that Ethereum Classic is truly immutable. It implements the “code is law” rule and is free from external interference and subjective tampering of transactions. The team has developed unique AR technology that they plan to integrate with the blockchain. Scanta values diversity and fosters an innovative business environment with a team of diverse professionals, who have worked in over 13 countries across various industries and organizations, such as Salesforce, UBS Investment Bank, Samsung, and many other Fortune 500 companies. They plan to roll-out an AR studio early 2019 that will allow users to actually create/customize their own AR Avatars and AR experiences.


Creating a global ecosystem for decentralized information analysis

Quarrio has developed an artificial intelligence natural language interface for data assets where information can easily be retrieved by simply asking questions. Its conversational interface enables you to get information from Salesforce within a matter of seconds. Quarrio has the most advanced natural language query system to data sources in the world, and can change domains with limited training. This is in high demand in a variety of enterprise use cases from CRM to Smart City initiatives. Quarrio can also move from the enterprise to providing consumer applications where individuals can get more in-depth and clearer answers than they can with Google today. Quarrio is deploying to enterprise customers currently. The team believes that ETC is a pioneer in its field with the most experience in the blockchain space. It is important for Quarrio to have blockchain infrastructure that can support enterprise AI use cases. The Quarrio team comprises globally leading experts in AI, enterprise software and data base technologies.

Of note, the pilot program will pave the way for the ETC Labs incubation program scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, where the startups will have the opportunity for one-to-one guidance from industry leaders and developer mentors.

ETC Labs plans to grow the ETC ecosystem by offering startups in the ETC space access to shared office space, developer support, and funding to take their ideas to the next level by making direct investments and connecting them to a network of collaborators, investors, and supporters.



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