Summer in the Labs — #1

Summer is in full swing and the Labs is still active. The ETC Labs team is working on events, updates and preparations to kick off Cohort 2. We have new additions to the team and new strategies in place to accelerate the development of ETC!

ETC Labs News

Showcas(ED) Roadshow

ETC Labs, along with Unbank Ventures, hosted The Showcas(ED) Roadshow over the last two weeks of April. Elizabeth Traver Kukka and Brett Noyes traveled the West Coast to meet with startups that could join their respected programs. The duo visited Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Vancouver in two weeks to meet with projects that were interested in the accelerators. The days were spent interviewing with startups to understand their projects.

“Meeting with startups face to face adds a new layer of trust. It expedites the diligence process and also increases organic collaboration.”
— Elizabeth Kukka

The Roadshow hosted 1 event at each city. Each event was designed to be a networking night for all the startups that interviewed for the program.

Some of the teams that presented:

Los Angeles

  • DoGood, QuantStamp, Coin Genius, OkayCrypt

Las Vegas

  • UNLV — CS Master’s Student presentation, Intelligent Mining, Icon, Prime Trust


  • Coral Protocol, Dragon Chain, Terra Chain, Tenta, Why Green, Smarttix


  • AltCoin Fantasy, COinfield, Coral Protocol, Quantstamp, Fission, Metacert, XIP

Overall, the roadshow was a huge success! West Coast innovation is firing on all cylinders and we can’t wait to plan our East Coast Roadshow soon. It’s plans like this that help the growth of ETC and ETC Labs.

Mighty Capital

More money means more investors. ETC Labs decided to partner with Mighty Capital to host a private investor day. On May 1st, Mighty Capital brought in 9 of it’s investors to sit down and chat about ETC Labs and the startups its bringing in. The day kicked off with Elizabeth Kukka giving a presentation about ETC Labs. She talked about the program and the process of selection for startups to join the accelerator.

Mighty Capital’s investment perspective is very traditional; they look for companies that already have traction and success in market. The Startups we brought ranged from early stage progress, to just about to hit the market, to already having multiple customers. Coral Protocol, Ethernode, and Quantstamp shared the stage to present to Mighty. Each team got 30 minutes with the VCs to discuss their project and why it’s worth their time and investment.

The investors sat down to discuss each project in depth after the startup presentations. They gave insightful perspectives on what they are looking for and why or why not to invest in each of these startups.

Some of the Key takeaways:

  1. Showcase your team if your project is in the early stages.
  2. Don’t get too technical when talking about your project.
  3. Clearly state the problem you are trying to fix.
  4. What is your market and the potential to grow in it.

ETC Labs Core News

ETC Labs Core launched in January to support and move the Ethereum Classic ecosystem forward. In the first few months, we reached important milestones with ETC-ETH compatibility, vital data analytic tooling, fundamental specifications to improve the DApp development environment, and significantly grew the team with prominent developers in the blockchain space. Read more here.

Startup News

Cohort I finished over a month ago, but the teams are still in the headlines! Check out what Cohort I has been up to since leaving the Labs.

ETC Labs Videos

The Ethereum Classic Show Hosted by Dean Pappas #13 — Jake Lang, eWasm & SputnikVM JIT

The Ethereum Classic Show Hosted by Dean Pappas #12 — Shane Jonas , Open-RPC

Save the Date! — May 10th & May 15th @ The Labs

Every month, ETC Labs hosts a blockchain focused events in Bay Area

This month we have BitAngels SF & Smart Contract Interactive Workshop

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Smart Contract Interactive Workshop

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