Summer in the Labs — #2

Jun 6 · 3 min read

EVENTS, Events, events! ETC Labs is on an event high this summer! From workshops to panels, we hosted a variety of speakers and presenters for May. We also traveled to the ConseSys Conference held in New York and China for many more events.

ETC Labs News

Smart Contract Workshop

ETC Labs decided to switch gears this month to host a Smart Contract Workshop. Instead of featuring an A-list group of blockchain panelist, ETC labs partnered with The Den to host a mini boot-camp. The boot-camp demonstrated the functionality of a smart contract, along with an in-depth session on how to create your own. Led by Elliot Friedman, here are some of the key feature we learned:

  • Understand basic Solidity syntax and functions
  • Basics of a blockchain transaction
  • Watch a smart contract in action
  • Hands-on experience sending and receiving decentralized transactions over a network
  • Use online IDE Remix to write and deploy your contracts

University of Liechtenstein

University of Liechtenstein dropped by on May 23rd to experience the life of a startup and to learn about blockchain. BobTheGrownUp, Zane Starr, and Darin Kotalik sat down with the students to talk about the growing industry in blockchain and new development in ETC. They also shared their career paths in what they did after college and how they have progress through the years.


ETC Labs continued its monthly series of BitAngels on May 10th. Jonhnson Nakano, from Decipher Capital, was our investor guest of the month. Jonhnson talked about his background in the VC world and gave us a unique taste of what he likes to look for when investing in companies. Monetizr (MTZ), Knowbella Staff, Cent, and JFLY gave some fantastic startup presentation for the crowd.

ETC Labs Articles

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ETC labs Video

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BUTTON Wallet - Blockchain Proof-of-Authenticity


Monetizr (MTZ)

Slips Token

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Investing in the future of Ethereum Classic. Incubator based in SF.


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