ThisWeek in the Labs: February 4th

Events and highlights at the ETC Labs HQ in San Francisco

It was another action packed week at ETC Labs HQ. During our weekly workshop on Tuesday, we learned about Taxes and Blockchain from Hai Tang, Partner at Andersen Tax.

On Thursday, we were honored to host the Cryzen Launch event, where we saw the future of algorithmic crypto trading.

Shuvro and Brian launching Cryzen

We also launched our article series “ETC Labs Presents” — highlighting the ETC Labs project: OriginalMy

And our video series, with our first interview with Stevan Lohja from the ETC Labs Core team.

This Week’s Program at the Labs


Community Marketing Meetup
Time: 1:00pm — 1:30pm

Creating a Pitch Deck
Time: 1:30pm — 3:30pm
Guest: David Mashoodi
Company: Early Growth Financial
Note: Lunch will be provided

1:1 with Ajit Deora
Time: 3:30pm — 4:30pm
Guest: Ajit Deora
Company: Chairman of CoralTree and former Lightspeed Partner


Time: 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Guest: Tenny Pinhero
Company: Hive Lab


Business Model Canvas
Time: 1:30 pm — 3:30 pm
Guest: Tobias Strobl
Company: Business Model Inc.


BitAngel’s SF Launch Event
Time: 8:00am — 10:00am

BitAngels SF is a group of investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies and tokens. The group was launched to promote education, ideas, and a peer community of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Note: Breakfast will be provided

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