Building a Better, Unified, Testnet

The Ethereum Classic Cooperative’s Grant to Project Goerli

If you’ve ever tried to use a testnet on the various Ethereums you’ve likely encountered issues including the need to mine your own blocks, client incompatibility, and difficulty getting transactions included in blocks. These issues vary depending on which chain you’re using but ultimately it means that developers, especially new ones, experience substantial friction testing their applications in a live environment.

A unified circuit. I have no idea what this is. Source.

Enter Goerli, a project led by Afri Schoedon & Aidan Hyman, with a broad base of contributors that will unify PoA testnets on most major clients including parity, geth-etc/eth, and mantis*. Ultimately Goerli will make deploying and using PoA testnets easy so we all may have reliable developer experiences.

Eventually it’ll be 10 clients and 1 chain head :)

Afri Schoedon has long supported the Ethereum Classic chain through his efforts at Parity Tech and we are happy to provide his Goerli team a grant of $125,000 towards their efforts. We should see a new PoA testnet that works on most major clients ~6 months from now!

And special thanks to Yaz Khoury for helping to develop this relationship!

*Mantis will get a separate grant as we don’t have enough talented Scala developers available at the moment.