Open Letter to ETCDEV: Their Role In Our Lasting Community



I was very saddened yesterday morning by the news of what happened to you.

For as long as I can remember, you have provided the ETC Community with a powerful vision of what a secure and immutable blockchain on the social layer can mean for the future of our planet.

Imagine a world where every self-driving car can resolve parking system disputes using the secure Ethereum Classic. Or all your IoT devices being protected by am immutable network so that no attacker can compromise your beloved gadgets.

Such a world is possible. It’s all due to the vision of ETCDEV.

People like Igor, Donald, and Darcy, along with some very awesome developers who have helped contribute to the long term vision and promoting the values of decentralization and immutability.

Ethereum Classic is a blockchain that will never suffer from an unusual state change intervention. This was the promise back after the DAO hack, this is still the reality today.

Ethereum Classic is still humming along as the phoenix that’s still flying upward, even if it experienced a sad loss with the end of one of our major dev teams. The ETC network however still has many other players such as IOHK development team, ETC Labs incubator and accelerator, and of course us at the ETC Cooperative. That’s the beauty of a truly distributed network, more players that all have skin in the game.

Pretenders to the throne of decentralization need not apply, this is an ecosystem that only rewards you if you believe in the most important of cryptoeconomic fundamentals such as Proof of Work consensus and immutability of the blockchain state.

The team behind ETCDEV has helped push that narrative forward for the past few years, contributing heavily to Ethereum Classic’s decentralized mechanics.

ETCDEV was a tornado to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency engineering world. But, even a tornado is made up of waves of wind, and I am more than certain we will see many of them make waves in the future of the Ethereum Classic and blockchain space.

I am also sure we will see more new projects from all the amazing people that comprised the ETCDev team and I hope to see all of the former team members in the crypto space moving forward.

This is not the end of Ethereum Classic, but a new chapter in our story of living in the cryptoeconomy. What the future will bring, you have many other teams like IOHK, ETC Labs, and ETC Coop that will show you what they have in store for this exciting blockchain.

I hope we can see many more independent ETCDev teams working on the Ethereum Classic protocol, the original Ethereum chain. The more teams competing, the more secure the network.