Yaz Khoury Joins ETC Cooperative As Director of Developer Advocacy

Yaz’s surprise photo shoot

In case you missed it, the ETC Cooperative has been very hard at work on a variety of ETC improvement projects. So much so that we’ve needed to start hiring. Our second full-time US hire is long time community member, and accomplished software engineer, Yaz Khoury.

Yaz comes to us from Social Flow where he worked on Stellar and reporting software. Besides his day job he:

Yaz is also a very friendly, very people-oriented person, with a penchant for writing on Mars, AI, and of course, building DApps with ETC. We believe his passion for exploration, and natural ability to communicate makes him the perfect person to be ETC Cooperative’s Director of Developer Advocacy.

In this role he will be:

  • Supporting existing and new projects that use ETC.
  • Developing open source software & hardware engineering projects.
  • Promoting the fundamentals of blockchain.
  • Generally making ETC more accessible to developers and users alike.

So welcome to the team Yaz. We’re very glad to have you!

P.S. If you’re in the San Francisco area, Yaz, ETCDEV, and IOHK members will all be attending the ETC Labs Launch Party on October 25th at 6PM. Lots of ETC developers + 6 new project announcements!