ENSListing.com: An Intro to Where to Sell Ethereum Domains


Do you have an Ethereum domain name? Have you thought about selling an extra? ENSListing.com — this is by far the best Ethereum Name Service (ENS) secondary exchange market I’ve seen. It has been hard to find resources around a secondary ENS domain name market, but this may very well be the most user-friendly domain exchange site on the cryptosphere!

So far the site has already accumulated over 320 ENS domain auction submissions! This is the very beginning of a new market forming and we are just starting to see what type of demand these domains will have. It’s pretty clear those listing on ENSListing.com believe their domains are very valuable — if you just take a look at how much has been spent on them…they are valuable! Below are some more screen shots from ENSListing.com — excited to see what comes about from this secondary market!


ENSListing.com Blog.

From what I read on the ENSListing.com blog, it looks like the owner is going to add the ability to tell a story about your ENS domain. That way, as a reseller, you have the ability to elaborate on how your domain can be leveraged for their business or personal use. For example, Aragon Network is using the ENS domain ‘company.eth’ for companies who join their network. Example, say medium wants to be in their network — medium.company.eth. Then, if medium wants to let users onto their domain, it might look like:


These are new industry standards considering the lack of knowledge around the blockchain concepts. Below are a couple pictures from CodeTract.io, they have all of the ENS domain auction information on their website. Pictures below:


According to Codetract.io, 143,970 ETH has already been locked in for names. Below is a shot of the most expensive ENS domains that have been locked in:


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