ETHécole Conference — all you need to know!

We are thrilled to announce that the Ethereum Magicians are coming to Paris! The Ethereum Magicians have collaborated with a bunch of supercool Ethereum folks to bring you the magical atmosphere with health and safety precautions in place. We will be hosting a full day conference with two tracks!

For a while the whole world has shut down as the COVID-19 pandemic hit almost every industry. The world has stopped operating for a while, people had to stay inside of their homes, locked down for weeks as the virus was spreading. As the physical world has shut down, we have become more and more immersed in an alternative world, the digital domain. Remote work has boomed more than ever before, and in its wake in-person meetings, lunches with colleagues, and all the ways we used to spend time with each other have turned into Zoom, Discord, and other platforms. For many, the old paradigm of working 9am to 5pm was uprooted in place of working 12 hours or even more a day… People have had to deal with homeschooling children, taking care of new mental health challenges, and trying to avoid burnout. With the vaccination the world has started to heal, people got vaccinated, restaurants opened and people are finally reuniting.

EthCC[3] was the last in-person Ethereum conference of 2020, and the Ethereum Magicians were there too. We are extremely excited to announce that we are coming to Paris this year and it will be huge!

Brace yourself this will be the coolest event of the year! We snagged a prestigious venue at a famous French University, got the best speakers possible, and arranged a bunch of cool details like coffee, the best cupcakes, popsicles and food for the best community! We know many of you weren’t able to get tickets to EthCC, so we would like to host the Ethereum Community at the ETHécole event!

🦄 The vibe 🦄

Enjoy a full day of educational talks focused on Ethereum Development, NFTs, and DAOs. Workshops and talks with leaders of the Ethereum ecosystem. Networking and community-building opportunities with a bunch of cool bits! As Ethereum Magicians we will be keeping the vibe with the best cupcakes. Thanks to our sponsors we will be providing coffee, refreshments and food.

🗓 Book you calendar! 🗓

ETHécole will happen on July 21 from 9am to 6pm at ENS!

😷 Safety first 😷

We are aware of the situation going on in the world with new Delta strain. We will do our best to make sure that people are safe. At registration we will be checking body temperature with a thermometer, at the venue we will be providing hand sanitisers. Please bring your own mask.

🎟 Tickets 🎟

Grab your free ticket here. You will be able to get a NFT ticket which will be available soon. The NFT tickets will be redeemable for cool t-shirt at the venue.

🏛 The venue 🏛

We will be hosting this event at École Normale Supérieure which is a famous French university founded in 1794. The school was reestablished by Napoleon, alumni of the school include 14 Nobel Prize laureates, of which are 8 in Physics. This university has the highest proportion of Nobel laureates among its alumni of any institution worldwide. The best place for hosting such a prestigious event for the Ethereum community! The venue is 15mins walk from EthCC venue.

🧙‍♀️ Speakers 🧙‍♀️

Paul R Berg, Julian Martinez, Konstantin Kladko, Tomasz Stańczak, Kieran Goodary, Manu Alzuru, Max Kuck, Simon Emanuel Schmid, James Young, Theo Rochaix, Peth, Fabian Vogelsteller, Pedro Gomez and more to be announced!

We will announce full schedule soon 👀

We have full speaker slots, you are free to come as attendee and network at the event.

🌊 Sponsors 🌊

Skale, Pillar, Optimism, Opolis, DoinGud, Quantstamp and everyone who donated to Ethereum Magicians Gitcoin grant.

If you wish to support us, consider supporting Ethereum Magicians.

🎩 Event Perks 🎩

The event itself will be super special, you can expect it to be extra! Ethereum Magicians were always different and special in detail for the best experience from the gatherings and events. We will be giving away POAP tokens, cool stickers, custom event t-shirts. We’re also working with Optimism on a few extras!

After wrap up we will meet at the Optimistic Hour Afterparty! 💃🎉

Stay Magical ✨



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