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Oct 28, 2019 · 4 min read

Ethereum Magicians had great times on the first day of Devcon5 in Osaka🇯🇵 A lot of important discussions happened and basically Ethereum Roadmap 2020 sessions started the most important discussions around ETH 1.x and ETH 2.0 that were continuing through next days of Devcon5! 🤩

Ethereum Magicians owe you a huge Thank You 🙏

Dear Ethereum Community, Core Devs, Ethereum Researchers and Vitalik for attending Ethereum Magicians sessions including Opening Ceremony, EEA meets Ethereum Community panel discussion and Ethereum Roadmap 2020 sessions. We would like to say Thank You for attending our sessions and keeping up the discussions going with great questions. We highly appreciate every one of you that attended and joined those important discussions. We are all building the future, we couldn’t do it without your engagement with Ethereum’s ecosystem.

We would love to kindly say Thank You to the Devcon5 organizers and production team for giving us a big room instead of a parking lot (that was the first plan🙈) for those important discussions. 🙏 Especially Althea A., Joseph S., Josef J., and Aya M., you all trusted us and we really did come through together for the community! You guys are the real magicians for sure! ✨

Thank You, to all reporters 📰

and everyone who wrote about our gathering, either directly or indirectly, and helping address what was brought up. This includes Leigh Cuen, Camila Russo, and Christine Kim.

Thank You to the one who wrote the most, Vitalik Buterin 👨‍💻

You probably included a lot of additional thoughts from later ETH2 Q&A sessions, but we love your “beast mode”. You actually work on solving problems that we all are facing and we all can learn from it.

Thank you for all the magic that you’re publishing.🙏✨

Don’t get me wrong, but I have to mention amazing Leigh Cuen for tweeting from our sessions and for pics, later trolling.

Putting up a piece (article) that was basically a set of speakers’ thoughts, stick them together and compose an article from those wasn’t the best decision you ever made, but this is how you saw it 🤷‍♀️ “Scam’ or Iteration”. It was very unfair towards people who you quoted in that article but we respect that you’re a journalist and that’s your job. 👩‍💻

At least you know how to show secret-but-not-secret love for Ethereum with your unicorn socks and flats combo! 🦄✌️

For those who haven’t attended any of our sessions, we would like to briefly recap what happened on the first day of Devcon5 in Convention Room1

So what has happened? ✨Magic✨

Yes, we keep repeating ourselves because working on Ethereum is like holding Magic wind and trying to work on the real stuff. A lot of amazing discussions happened during all of those sessions that we hosted. Those sessions were focused more into connecting Ethereum Community, EEA, Vitalik, Core Devs and Ethereum Researchers and allow those people to get answers on questions around ETH 1.x and ETH 2.0 and basically ask any questions related to Ethereum ecosystem.

Opening Ceremony 🥳

We kicked off the Opening Ceremony with Intro about Ethereum Magicians and explained behind the story of the Ethereum Magicians forum. Ethereum Magicians are more about having discussions about EIPs and building — prototyping and coding. Forum is there to help out community to speak and discuss. Slides from Ethereum Magicians Opening Ceremony.

Open discussion: Ethereum Enterprise Alliance meets Ethereum Community👨‍💼👩‍💻

During this session, Paul DiMarzio introduced EEA, what they are working on and how. We discussed how companies coordinate with complicated standards and initiatives. EEA announced that they’re going mainet. We also had great discussions about how to join EEA, what are the advantages of joining EEA, how EEA is trying to work on education resources for universities and more. EEA is producing specs not code, they are trying to open up their process of how they work.

Ethereum Roadmap 2020 sessions 👨‍💻👩‍💻

After those morning sessions, we had Ethereum Roadmap 2020 sessions. It was a super successful afternoon as a lot of great questions and answers came out. The community was able to ask questions to Vitalik, Core devs, ETH 2.0 Researchers and other very important people who are deeply involved in the Ethereum core ecosystem.

You can find brief notes from those sessions in this collaborative HackMD document. Feel free to collaborate on this doc add notes regarding this session. When you will add notes, please try to keep them as clean as possible. Thank you in advance. 🙏

Recording from ETH Roadmap 2020 — ETH 1.x session.🎥

Recording from the rest of the Ethereum Roadmap 20202 sessions will be out and published on slideslive.com very soon.

A little announcement for those who haven’t got a chance to attend Devcon5:

Ethereum Magicians will be hosting the next Ethereum sessions at EthCC . More updates regarding those sessions will be out as the date will be closer to happen. 🥳

Find us on Ethereum Magicians Forum — discuss about EIPs and other technical stuff around Ethereum

🐦Follow us on Twitter

↗️Chat with us on Telegram

Special thanks to Jamie Pitts, Tim Beiko, María Paula, Polina, Hadrien Croubois, Brent Allsop, Paul DiMarzio and Ed Mazurek. And all who put their time to contribute and make those sessions happen ❤️

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

Rough Consensus and Running Code.


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Happinesses Manager at https://cowork.progressbar.sk/. Can do Magic https://ethereum-magicians.org/ ✨✨

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

Rough Consensus and Running Code.

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