FEM News ✨ New member of Ops Team and upcoming event planning

Hey Ethereum Community!

The Ethereum Magicians, working on improving Ethereum, planning gathering and contributing here and there. We have some exciting news to announce!

Image by Camile Brodard

👤 New member of the Ops Team!

We are delighted to have William Schwab on board, he is working mainly as ERC Editor and helping out with the application layer standards. You can find him contributing to the Ethereum/ EIPs GitHub Repo and hanging out on FEM forum. William will be increasing participation in EIPs, and collaborating with the Ops Team members.

🤝 Supporting Ethereum Development

We are working on some activities focused on improving the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum Magicians have always been focused on the development of EIPs and ERCs. In the upcoming weeks the Ops Team is focusing on improving Ethereum Ecosystem by supporting EIPs and facilitating new ERCs.

As a part of these new initiatives, recently Anett has been contributing to development of NFT Standards by leading the NFT Standards Working Group. The NFT Standards Wiki is a documentation that examines a collection of simplified all the Non Fungible Tokens related EIPs and ERCs, links related to tokens, identities and related which you can find in the Wiki. The NFT Standards Working Group is currently focused on a Permits implementation for NFTs. If you have ideas on how Permits could be used with NFTs, drop a line to the Working Group Forum post or Telegram Channel.

💰Gitcoin Grants

There are many activities that the Ethereum Magicians are working on, and we would like to get support from the Community. The members of Ethereum Magicians Ops Team are contributing to development of the Ethereum Ecosystem, and we would love to keep our operations going. With the support of the Community we can continue to operate, organise events, and support the ecosystem and development.

Thank you so much to everyone who decides to support our grant

🧙‍♀️Upcoming Events

We would love to show up at the EthCC and let the community join the event virtually and both in person. Ethereum Magicians Ops Team are preparing event that will be hosted, please propose a topic for discussion to this thread. Nothing is 100% confirmed if we will show up in Paris, but we are working on putting up at least virtual event so anyone can attend as it will be online. Keep an eye on the FEM forum and twitter for announcements.

Stay Magical ✨



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