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3 min readMar 14, 2022


Hello, fellow Ethereum Magicians!

There is going to be a collaborative Ethereum event week in Amsterdam from April 18th to 25th, and we are going to host a two-day event!


Event format

Council is a large gathering of Ethereum enthusiasts to discuss and solve issues we are facing in the Ethereum core ecosystem. We are expecting 250 participants throughout the two-day event, this will be our biggest gathering!

We will host a few sessions with leaders who will facilitate sessions and encourage people to talk about our issues in the Ethereum Ecosystem. We aim to host the Ethereum Magicians Council, similar to what our OG Community is used to — fish bowl / circle discussions, topic voting, group discussions. Day 2 sessions are co-organised by Ethereum Cat Herders.

Day 1 — Focus dApp layer EIPs and discussions. NFT, Defi-related discussions are welcome. We would like to look into the standardization of Defi and NFT protocols.

Day 2 — Protocol layer EIPs and discussions. We can also use this day for community discussions with Core Devs and protocol researchers.

What to look for

Developer sessions — Developer sessions with leaders discussing key development flaws, controversial topics, EIPs and ERCs, working groups solving development issues.

Curated community — we are trying to keep this event exclusive for community members that are actively participating in Ethereum development, contributed and collaborated on EIPs, participating in Ethereum Core development and governance. Yet we want to keep this event open for public to learn and participate in the ethereum community development

Safe Space — Place for developers, anon builders to discuss any controversial or non-controversial topic, build proposals, solve technical issues, work on existing EIPs and ERCs

Session details & leaders

Sessions will start at 10 am with the Opening Ceremony on both days. Below is the list of confirmed sessions and leaders at the time of writing. The full agenda is available on the OG Council Website as well as OG Council Ethereum Magicians forum post.


The tickets are free with optional donation in crypto. The first wave of ticket vouchers is already out, these tickets were sent to EIP Authors and people who logged in our forum after 2021/1/1 and who posted something to our forum after 2021/1/. These tickets will be claimable only until March 18 midnight UTC+1. Make sure to check out your email address which is connected to your Ethereum Magicians Forum account.

The second and third wave tickets will be publicly available to Ethereum Community (everyone) on our OG Council Website.

All tickets will have the same value & permissions to the event.

Community Partner

We are partnering with The Graph as community partners for this event.
The Graph has been sponsoring our previous events and their members has been long time Ethereum Magicians members and supporters!

Bottom line

Planned sessions aside, we will leave some room for self-organized sessions. Feel free to prepare, lead, and facilitate a session — we will try to find you a space at the venue.

We created Ethereum Magicians Discord for quick coordination during the event. Please use the forum as the main source of information, and Discord as a supplementary communication tool for this event.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam! 🇳🇱

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Thank you to Yoriko Beal for co-organising this event! Special thanks goes to Ethereum Foundation Team namely Skylar, Adam, Joshua for helping us with production of this event!