Creating support layer for the local Ethereum Community Builders

We may be the builders, developers, designers or even dreamers. We all deserve to have people around us, the community, share values, together, chat, have fun.

Picture by Simon Maage from Unsplash

Start small, when you’re building out your community, you’re at the beginning of the road of building something big. There are so many ways to build community, so many great ones so many wrong ones. Every community has a different story of how it begins, it’s time to start your story.

Build your own community

You may not even want to build your own community, you may just want to share the knowledge that you have and attract more people within your area to the topics that you love.

You want to share the ideas about Decentralisation, Ethereum, Web3 tech, DeFi with folks in your area. You’re thrilled to organise a smaller meetup, but you’re not really sure how to begin.

You may already have a Meetup group, but you don’t really know how to manage it, how to organise a Virtual Meetup, where to get a speaker and you feel generally stuck. This is the reason why we created the Ethereum Meetup Support Program.

Ethereum Meetup Support Program

We put together a Handbook for Ethereum Meetup Organisers with knowledge on how to organise meetups. Discord channel where you join the community of meetup organisers from all around the world. These resources will help especially when you are not sure what meetup we should host next or have a bunch of other questions and concerns regarding to meetup organising. We have Bi-Weekly Catch up calls with updates, announcements, news and get together via video call.

Ethereum Meetup Support Program is about connecting meetup Organisers from all around the world, encouraging organisers to co-operate together and host Virtual and in Person meetups.

We welcome everyone to participate and grow in this exciting new technological frontier!

If you’re thinking of how to start building your local community, now it’s the best time to join the Ethereum Meetup Support Program.

If you’re already organising Ethereum Meetups and want to be apart of a community of meetup organisers, now it’s the best time to join the Ethereum Meetup Support Program.

Fill out the Sign up Form and wait for an email with instructions.

Sign up form link:

We are looking forward to hearing from you 🤗



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