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2 min readAug 19, 2021


Today marks a major milestone for OE: with our latest protocol changes running stably on mainnet, it’s time to begin opening up deployment! Anybody who meets our launch criteria can apply to be whitelisted on mainnet and will be approved within 2 weeks.

With over 750,000 transactions since our last protocol release, it’s. finally. time. The days of scalable, composable ecosystem growth are upon us. Additionally, this will kick off the process of increasing our TPS limit, starting with a doubling next week.

Why no full deployment?

While we are incredibly excited to be opening up to more projects, the OVM is still in beta. We have not fully disabled the whitelist just yet, and we’re still keeping the transaction throughput limit below L1 levels.

We have one more major upgrade upcoming in the next 3 months that will remove a majority of the remaining OVM DevEx hurdles. In general, if you will have to maintain a significantly different base of contracts (e.g. due to code size or gas) to maintain OVM compatibility, we suggest waiting for the next release to smooth things out. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on discord if you have questions!

What do I do?

If you’re as excited about this as we are, come deploy! You can check out the whitelisting criteria here, and when you meet the criteria, you can apply here.

  • Join our discord!
  • As always — WE ARE HIRING!!! Come build the future with us!