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ETHDenver: Rollup Recap

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What we worked on

It’s safe to say the Optimism team really made the most of ETHDenver 2022 — not only were we lucky enough to mingle with many community members (thanks to everyone who attended OP game night!), we also got to work building a few projects we’re very excited about. Our focus for ETHDenver was on potential improvements to Ethereum itself.

Data-blob-transactions (mini-danksharding)

You may have already seen the tweet thread by one of our team members summarizing the creation of the first data-blob-transaction prototype. If you haven’t, we highly recommend checking it out.

Transient storage implementation (EIP-1153)

EIP-1153 introduces two new EVM opcodes, TSTORE and TLOAD, which act similarly to normal Ethereum storage, but are not persisted between transactions. This EIP was first introduced in 2018, and was more recently discussed by All Core Devs. We thought ETHDenver would be a prime opportunity to take a crack at implementing it!

Community Projects

Besides contributions to Ethereum made by our own team members, we also had several projects build on top of Optimism during the conference!

Talks and Panels

In addition to code contributions, Optimism team members also added to the forum of ideas at ETHDenver through a handful of talks and panels.

It’s Been Real, Denver!

Even longtime ETHDenver veterans must admit the energy and excitement of ETHDenver 2022 set a new high watermark. We left it feeling more bullish, hopeful, (and yes, Optimistic) than ever.



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