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Go on a bounty hunt at WAM and make the world a slightly better place

Making the Web a better place through social impact actions

The We Are Millions (WAM) Hackathon and Festival is in full swing and the first day of talks and workshops is already behind us. If this is your first time hearing about WAM, it is an experiment that brings together artists, gamers, developers and activists who want to learn about Web3 and how to use this tech to make the world a better place to live in. The point of this endeavour is not just to solve mathematical problems but to make a positive social impact.

Part of this effort is to bring in as many people as possible, give them a chance to use their skills and knowledge to effect a positive change and also adequately reward them.

Choose your bounty on Gitcoin

To this end, Swarm, FDS and WAM hackathon partners have set up a bounty campaign on Gitcoin, giving you a chance to earn a great prize for your effort. All available bounties and their rewards are listed on the previous link. The bounty hunt is formulated as a competition, so a panel of judges will be evaluating all submitted solutions and announce the winners at the end of WAM.

Prizes will be paid out in Swarm’s native BZZ token, which can be exchanged into DAI at the Bzzaar exchange or on a centralised exchange like CoinList.

The process is still open and there are bounties aplenty, tech and non-tech, so don’t hesitate and dive right in.

The world is a hard place to change, but it is possible to change it. One bounty at a time!

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