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Monthly Development Update — June 2020

It is here! After months of relentless developments on June 29 we proudly released the alpha version of Swarm’s new Bee client.

We marked this long-awaited milestone, that brings us one step closer to a fully working Swarm ecosystem, with an online event that featured some of the best minds in the Ethereum and wider blockchain space.

In the event we showcased how developers can become part of the Swarm ecosystem and start using our client to build a different breed of software. Software that is rooted in an immutable, decentralized and censorship-resistant data storage and that can bring forth real digital sovereignty. For the really enthusiastic ones we have also prepared grants so keep reading if you want to learn more.




Consensus on architecture of swap/accounting implementation
Global pinning on swarm post-mortem and bee howto


Launched Bee Alpha Release public cluster
Created public bootnodes DNS zone:
Released several versions of Bee Helm Chart (latest v0.4.5) with following improvements:

  • speed up pods starting/stopping
  • update libp2p key version (1->3)
  • add support to preset libp2p keys per pod
  • add support for p2p fixed nodePorts
  • add db_capacity, p2p-enable-quic, p2p-enable-ws and welcome-message config options
  • use ethersphere/bee:0.1.0 image

Released Beekeeper Helm Chart v0.1.3
Released several versions of Beekeeper (latest v0.2.11) with following improvements:
Added new integration tests into Beekeeper:

  • fileretrieval
  • kademlia
  • pullsync
  • retrieval

Added new features into Beekeeper:

  • print command
  • chaos mesh integration
  • metrics

Created bee-local repository with all the definitions for the Bee local cluster development
Updated Bee and Beekeeper Grafana dashboards
Configured CI/CD for documentation and book of swarm publishing


Iterated through Stage #1 of the BZZ token bonding curve design with Linum labs
Further explored and specified deletion of content from Swarm:

  • protocol violations and their associated costs
  • self-deleting content retrieval and its possible applications
  • possible APIs for deletable content
  • paper about deletion in Swarm in progress


At the Swarm Alpha online event we announced grants for dApp developers. Apply for grants here.

dApps on Swarm:


In case you missed the event or you want to re-watch the talks and panels, here is the link to the recording of the event.

Swarm Team and Guests at the Alpha Launch event

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