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Monthly Development Update — May 2022

May has been a truly exciting month for different tracks that keep the Swarm network going. The BeeJS Track released a new Bee Dashboard version, along with several Bee-js releases.

Important — don’t forget to update your Bee node to the latest 1.6.1 version. The DevOps track deployed the new Bee client, Beekeeper and Bee Helm Chart to maininet.

NEW: Submit your Swarm Foundation Dev AMA Discord questions. See the last section down below.

Read the full update below.

Bee Track

  • The Bee team is happy to announce the latest release v1.6.1. The release contains a myriad of bug fixes, codebase hardenings, and a few new features. A particular highlight is the segment inclusion Merkle proofs we’ve now added that paves the way for more exciting features coming up in the future.

DevOps Track

JS Track

New version of Bee Dashboard was released (0.15)!

There are many small fixes and improvements


  • add additional information to the stamps overview
  • add bee desktop toolkit
  • add bee-desktop settings capabilities
  • support for CIDs when downloading files
  • wait for postage stamp to be usable when buying it

Bug fixes:

  • app crash caused by inputting non-number characters
  • connection health indicator values to reflect the current network conditions
  • nested directory upload preserves the directory structure
  • remove restrictions on postage stamp label
  • show current postage stamp price per block

New Bee-js releases:

Bee-js 4.0.0


  • ENS domain name support for download methods
  • Support for specific feed index retrieval

Bug fixes:

  • Updated the reserve state interface on the Debug API according to Bee 1.6

Bee-js 4.1.0


  • better error handling when using Node.js 18
  • added CID support when uploading content
  • support for waiting on stamp to be usable
  • wallet endpoint support

Bug fixes:

  • modify the ENS validation to work in safari or older browsers
  • no invalid amount for stamps

Bee-js 4.1.1

This is a hotfix release to our build setup that published bee-js with a broken package structure.

Research Track

  • Began storage incentives implementation

Ecosystem & Community Track

  • An AMA session about Swarm Incentives was organised on Swarm’s Discord channel.
  • Through bounty efforts for Fairdrive we released the NFT Generator to mainnet.

Swarm Foundation Dev AMAs: Post your questions for the next AMA session

  • The next AMA session is happening on 21 June 2022, you can leave your questions via this link.

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