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Onwards, Swarm! — programme & schedule

Everything is ready for the Onwards, Swarm! event on 21 June 2022. Tune in to the YouTube livestream at 16:00 CET for the latest updates on the Swarm network.

Special announcement: major stepping stone release!

Get ready for an exciting release that will make using the Swarm network as easy as 1, 2, 3 clicks. Use the opportunity to ask more technical questions right after the event on Discord.

50k DAI (paid in BZZ) Wiki Prize and AMA announcement

Freedom of information is a cornerstone of every digital society and one that needs to be determinedly protected. The Swarm Association is making Wikipedia unstoppable by putting it on the Swarm network so everyone can enjoy it.

You will also have the chance to put your questions regarding the prize directly to the team at the AMA on Thursday, 23 June at 17:00 CET on Discord.

Layer 2 — Fair Data Protocol

FDP aims to be the gold standard for a fair data economy that focuses on data protection, control and interoperability. Much progress has already been made, and it is time for a look back and a look forward.

Hang out on Discord after the event

Members of the various Swarm Foundation and Association tracks will be hanging out on Discord. Join them for a chat and if you have questions, this is your time to shine.

What to expect — programme and schedule:

16:00 — Welcome and introduction

16:05 — Swarm Foundation updates

16:10 — Special announcement

16:25 — Swarm Association & Ecosystem updates

16:30 — Fair Data Protocol — What’s new

16:45 — “Wikipedia on Swarm” prize and AMA announcement

16:50 — Outro

17:00 — After-hours on Discord

See you at the event!

The Swarm Foundation team

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