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Swarm Beta is Live

It’s happening.

We are happy to announce that the Swarm Beta release is out. You are welcomed to see it for yourself. We marked this important milestone with the Swarm Beta online event that was held on Monday, 28th September 2020. The team presented new features in Beta, also speakers touched upon other aspects of Swarm with a focus on the ecosystem.

How Beta Is Different From Alpha?

With Swarm Alpha we created a solid foundation, the basic protocols of Swarm. With Beta we added a lot of new, exciting features for dApp developers, who will now be able to start building on Swarm with ease.

Watch our devs demoing the new features in Beta!

Swarm Beta (release v0.3.0) — Release Notes

Swarm Beta aka the Bee client contains the required features to build rich applications on top of Swarm. This release adds:

  • Bandwidth incentives (on the Görli test network) are enabled by default
  • Zero-leak messaging (Pss)
  • External signer support (Clef)
  • Improved sync and download performance
  • Breaking changes on the protocol level (TL;DR — just update your nodes)

We invite you to try it out and get in touch with us on Mattermost or Telegram.

Try Out Our APIs: Start Building Your Unstoppable dApps Now

Bee’s third release marks a major milestone of the Bee project; we believe that developers can now unleash rich applications over Swarm with a good balance of performance and security. We understand that as the Swarm ecosystem develops, developers might need access to low-level APIs in order to develop a rich application experience, we therefore also offer a set of low-level APIs that allow you to interact with the Swarm network in your own, custom way.

We invite you to use our APIs. Your feedback would be beneficial for us to further improve them in the future.

  • Breaking Changes: Several breaking changes were introduced with this version. You are advised to update your nodes promptly.
  • Bandwidth Incentives: Bee Beta contains the basis for the Swarm bandwidth incentives. You will now earn gBZZ (Görli BZZ) by running your Swarm node.
  • Conversely, you are required to pay with gBZZ in order to upload and download content. You can get gBZZ at our faucet — check our documentation on how to fund your node’s chequebook.
  • Zero-Leak Messaging: Bee Beta releases the second iteration of Pss (Postage service over swarm). Pss is zero-leak messaging over Swarm that allows for confidential, anonymous and untraceable node-to-node communication. Pss comes with a websocket API that allows clients to send a message to a recipient on an overlay address as well as to subscribe to a topic and receive messages.
  • External Signer: Bee now supports an external signer (Clef) for security reasons to allow private keys not to be exposed to client process.
  • Speed Improvements: Uploading and downloading data to Bee is now significantly more performant than it used to be(e).
  • Documentation: All new features are documented in our documentation.

Video Recordings From The Event

The videos will be available within a few days. Follow our Twitter or Reddit for the links.

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