Swarm Beta Launch Event Program — Come together on 28th September!

Here is the schedule for Monday’s Swarm Beta event. As you can see we prepared a lot of interesting talks and presentations. The day is divided into two parts.

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Sep 25, 2020 · 3 min read
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The morning workshops

The event kicks off with two very interesting workshops (11:00 CEST) that represent the practical side of the event. The goal of those workshops is to get you on board and equipped with everything you need to start working with Swarm. We are sending links for the workshops and the event via email to all people who RSVPed, so please check your email.

& the evening program

The evening program starts at 18:00 CEST and is packed with updates on the new Swarm Beta features, ecosystem updates and demos. As usual you can expect an exciting fireside chat with Gregor and Viktor. We added some enterprise related topics and a panel with demos.

And yes, there will be some awesome music too ;)

Event Schedule

  • Date: 28th September 2020, starting at 11:00
  • Timezone: CEST
  • Location: online event, RSVP here. The joining information and links will be sent to you via email before the event.

Workshops during the day

11:00 — Swarm Fundamentals

The practical part of the workshop will include how to install your own Swarm node, how to upload and download files, and how to upload your very first censorship-resistant, unstoppable website. Read more about the Swarm Fundamentals Workshop here.

13:30 — How to develop unstoppable dApps on Swarm

This workshop is hosted by Fair Data Society. Previews of upcoming software (fds.js, fairOS, fairdrive) will be presented and we’ll discuss solutions towards the fair data economy. You can find more details about the workshop here.

Evening program: Come Together

17:45 Tune-in to #PLUR (thematic music starts at 17:45, HiQ music stream at: plur.buzz)

18:00 Welcome notes by Michelle Plur

18:03 On the importance of interoperability, opening talk by Anti “Jogi” Poikola (MyData)

18:20 Org

  • Organisational update, fireside chat with Gregor
  • Swarm’s vision, fireside chat with Viktor

18:45 Dev

  • Bee Client, Beta release! by Rinke with guests

19:10 Research

  • DREAM — Deleting files on Swarm by Daniel

19:25 Enterprise

  • Swarm and trust in data economy, whitepaper presentation by Črt
  • Panel: Swarm & Enterprise — unlocking fair data economy with Swarm Enterprise working group

20:00 Ecosystem

  • Fair data society and principle, announcement by Gregor
  • Developer tooling by Dan
  • FairOS — From file system to data center on Swarm, demo by Zahoor
  • Fairdrive, interoperable personal data store for dapp developers, demo by Michelle
  • New Grants announcement

20:50 Swarm Team AMA

Please note that timings are for informational purposes only and that the program can vary at the event.

  • Swarm Orange Lounge on Telegram
  • Supported by PLUR vibes at plur.buzz

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Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer networked nodes that create a decentralised storage.

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