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Swarm Fundamentals & How to develop unstoppable dApps on Swarm

The Swarm Alpha release created a solid foundation for the Swarm’s basic protocol. With the latest Beta release, a lot of exciting new features were added. DApp developers now are able to start building on Swarm with ease. Many exciting projects have already applied for grants and are contributing to an expanding ecosystem.

At the Swarm Beta Event day, two workshops were organised: one about the fundamentals of Swarm, and one about how to develop unstoppable dApps. These two workshops are a great way to discover how to work with Swarm. They will guide you through everything you need to know to start developing unstoppable dApps on Swarm. You can watch the workshops on our Youtube channel.

Swarm Fundamentals Workshop

This first workshop started with the theory and vision of Swarm. In the second part, Janos explained how to work with Swarm. He demonstrated how to install your own Bee node and upload your first unstoppable, censorship-resistant website.

Watch workshop 1 — Part 1 (Theory & vision of Swarm, by Rinke)
Watch workshop 1 — Part 2 (How to install a Bee node and upload/download files and websites, by Janos)

How to develop unstoppable dApps on Swarm Workshop

This workshop was hosted by Fair Data Society. The focus was very much on ethical issues and principles. This workshop finished with a practical presentation on how to use the FairOS libraries to develop and run your dApp on Swarm.

Watch workshop 2 (How to develop unstoppable dApps using FairOS, by Fair Data Society)

Swarm Open Office Hours

Swarm team developers are available during Open Hours for live talk every second Thursday at 17:00 CET. You are invited to join the discussion and ask about anything that can help you progress with your Swarm knowledge.

Early to dev, early to grant!

At the Swarm Alpha event, the first round of grants was announced. The number of interesting applications exceeded our expectations. Many of them were approved; you can see the full list of approved projects in this blog post here.

Swarm’s ecosystem is growing rapidly. You can get a head start by building your dApp as soon as possible. Don’t miss your chance to apply for the second wave of grants now.

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Swarm provides censorship resistant storage and communication infrastructure for a sovereign digital society

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