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Swarm Open Hours — Announcement

TLDR; the Swarm team announces open hours for all your Swarm-related technical questions.

Join us at the first biweekly Swarm Open Hours on 16th July at 1700 CET via!

Follow our Twitter and Reddit for more information or join the Swarm Orange Lounge on Telegram.

To all buidlers, devs, hackers, unicorns, bees and the like,

The Swarm team is progressing at lightspeed to make truly unstoppable applications a reality. The time is right to start developing on top of the Bee client and be among the first to launch your dapp on Swarm.

If you have plans to do this (and we highly encourage you), it’s time to reach out to us. To get in touch with us is already a breeze via our Beehive on Mattermost or in the Swarm Orange Lounge on Telegram, and to make it even easier we introduce the possibility to meet us at our biweekly open hours.

At the open hours, we are open for all questions, suggestions or requests; or just come to say hi :)

The open hours are happening every second week on Thursday at 1700 CET starting on 16th July.

Any potential changes to the schedule will be communicated via our channels.

Join link:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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