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Inspired by the ever-popular Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, EtherMage is a skill-based Trading Card Game that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Many of you may have heard of CryptoKitties or other Collectible “Games” running on the Blockchain, but I assure you EtherMage is truly the first of its kind.

❖ As of now, EtherMage is gearing up for launch but we can’t wait to share all the exciting bits with you.

If you want to know more about what’s upcoming, join our mailing list here. We’ll be sure to let you in on any updates ahead of everyone! ❖

So…What is EtherMage?

EtherMage is first and foremost a skill-based Trading Card Game, inspired by the ever-popular Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

You play as an Ethereal Mage that uses a deck of cards to summon forth Heroes, construct elaborate Structures and cast powerful Magic that conjures spells, equipments and artifacts.

There are 3 different colors of cards — Red, Blue and Green, and summoning them requires sufficient Mana in their respective colors. Each color represents a different personality and you are free to choose any combination of colors to become the kind of Ethereal Mage you wish to be.

As a Trading Card Game, you buy cards, battle with them, collect them and even trade them with other players. By being on the Blockchain, every card is stored as an ERC-721 token (same as CryptoKitties), ensuring that every card you own belongs to you and you can trade it with other players for money as you please. That means…

Nobody, not even the developers can take your cards away from you.

EtherMage will also feature a massive in-game Marketplace allowing players to buy and sell cards directly inside the game.

But That’s Not all!

The World of EtherMage is ever expanding.

Ethereal Mages hail from a place known as the Ethereal Plains and they constantly travel to different realms in search of new adventures. The memories of the people and places they visit are infused into their cards which they can use to summon it.

With every new card pack, it will reveal what new realm Ethereal Mages have travelled to. EtherMage will constantly evolve and introduce new cards, play style and strategies.

And to top this all off!

EtherMage will be the first Blockchain TCG that you can play and earn!

Want to know how?

Let’s take a look at the key features of EtherMage:

1. Play and Earn

Featuring a unique Mage Tower battle mode,

i) Players can duel other players in Mage Towers for prize money,

ii) OR create their own Mage Tower that earns from every challenger.

Think Pokémon Gym, but now you can create your own and every player that trains at your gym pays you money. You can even choose to give out prize money to attract more players to train at your gym.

Be the first to conquer a Mage Tower and Win Prized Ether

2. Grow Cards and Earn

Unlike most TCGs out there, EtherMage combines the levelling system of RPGs and the fusion system of popular mobile games like Seven Knights with Trading Cards.

That simply means, the more you play, the stronger your cards become.

Cards can gain experience from training in the Mage Towers and become SHINY when they have acquired enough experience.

You can then exchange for higher level card, once you have 2 of the same SHINY cards.

Higher level cards are scarcer in Supply (You can literally see how many there are owned by all the players in the World), and they may become increasingly valuable in the market.

Upgrade the Level of your cards and make them Stronger

3. Collect Rare Cards and Earn

Besides buying Rare Cards from other players, you can also get them by purchasing Booster Packs directly.

Rarity of a card is indicated at the bottom of each card and is a rough gauge on their usefulness and complexity.

As EtherMage is a game of skill, getting a rare card may not always propel you to victory but it can be really valuable in the Trading House.

The actual value of a card may also fluctuate as new Cards are introduced to compliment existing cards in various strategies.

By now you must be extremely curious, what exactly is this Skill-Based Battle I keep talking about?

Here’s a quick overview:

In this world, you and your opponent are Ethereal Mages that can summon Heroes, Structures and cast Magic sealed within cards.

Each Player starts the battle with a Player Troop count of 200 and the first player to wipe out their opponent’s Player Troops wins the duel.

During Battle, Mana is the resource that fuels your summons and each player gains 3 Types of Mana — Red, Blue and Green over time. Once you have accumulated enough Mana to summon your first card, the card enters the playing Field automatically.

Battling in EtherMage is simple to learn but has incredible depth.

No kidding! To battle someone there’s just 3 simple steps:

  1. Build your deck

Here’s the bulk of your thinking time. Out of all the cards you own, choose 10–20 cards that work well with each other and stack them in the order you want them to be played.

Some cards have abilities that perform a variety of effects, including attacks that sabotage your opponent’s plans, or create strategic synergies that compliment ally units. The order in which they are played are of utmost importance.

Once you have a deck you feel confident with, you can save it and reuse for any battle.

2. Choose your opponent

Once you have selected a deck, you can

  • Either choose to duel someone in their Mage Tower,
  • Or create your own Mage Tower and wait for others to challenge you.

3. Watch how your strategy stack up to someone else’s

As the order of the cards you play is fixed, a battle in your own Mage Tower can happen even if you are away.

Yes! You cards can gain experience even while you sleep.

When you return to the game after a Battle has completed, you can see how your cards play out against an opponent’s.

As you delve deeper into the game, you will learn common strategies other players use and how to anticipate and counter them effectively in your deck.

Still unsure of how it’s played? Don’t worry, I can guarantee you’ll pick it up and enjoy it once you try it out for the first time. Sadly the game isn’t ready yet, and my words can hardly do justice to how fun it will be.

But if you are really interested to find out more about what happens during Battle, I have prepared a Battle Guide just for you: EtherMage Battle Guide

Can’t wait for it already? I’m really sorry but I promise it won’t be a very long wait.

In the meantime, join our mailing list here. We’ll be sure to update you on our latest progress!

Here’s our Development Roadmap:

Phase 1: Getting the word out!

The more players there are, the more fun it is to play EtherMage, so help us spread the word! Play Here at:

Phase 2: Presale

A selection of 15 ultra mega super unbelievably insanely rare Limited Edition Legendary Cards will be sold directly. Get leaps ahead of others by buying these cards. Watch this page:

Phase 3: Exclusive Closed Beta

Players will be picked to join our exclusive beta. We will be continuously improving the game and most features will be in their final testing phase to ensure everyone has a stable and enjoyable experience. To secure a place in our Closed Beta, join our Mailing List now.

Phase 4: Official Launch

We will officially release the game complete with all the features mentioned above. You will be able to Battle, Upgrade, Buy and Sell cards as promised.

Phase 5: Future Development

EtherMage will continuously roll out new features and game content to keep your experience refreshing!

  • New Cards: Lookout for new mechanics
  • New Game Modes: Introduce new ways to duel or new battle objectives
  • Tournaments: Compete with all players on a leaderboard and win prizes
  • Standalone Versions: Mobile Game, PC Game
  • Other Currencies: Play using other currencies
  • Localization: Available in other languages

Want to Get Ready to play once it’s out?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Step 1: Install MetaMask

MetaMask is, in a nutshell, a wallet that holds Ethereum Tokens (a virtual currency) that is used in EtherMage. It is used in most Blockchain games including CryptoKitties.

Chrome — Install MetaMask in Chrome Web Store (MetaMask)
Firefox — Install MetaMask in Firefox Add-ons (MetaMask)
*Other browsers are not yet supported.

  • Step 2. Create MetaMask Account
    With MetaMask installed in your browser, we have to create an account to play with.
  1. Open MetaMask (Fox icon in the browser).
  2. Accept the Terms of Use, Privacy and Phishing Warning.
  3. Enter a password to secure your account with and click on CREATE. You will need to enter this password to log back into the account in the future.
  4. A set of Seed Words is now created. Save these seed words somewhere before clicking on I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE. You will need them to access your account in another device, or if MetaMask is uninstalled.
  5. Great, the account is now created!
  • Step 3. Get some Ether! (ETH)
    There are multiple methods:

Buy directly from MetaMask (US Only) -

  1. Login into MetaMask.
  2. Click on BUY in the MetaMask window.
  3. Ensure that Coinbase- Crypto/FIAT (USA only) is selected.
  4. Click on Continue to Coinbase.
  5. Simply follow the instructions in the website that you are redirected to to deposit Ether into your account.

Buy & Transfer from an Exchange -

  1. Purchase Ether from any of the Exchanges.
  2. Login into MetaMask.
  3. Click on “. . .” in the MetaMask window. (next to the Account name)
  4. Select Copy Address to clipboard to copy your Wallet address. Similar to an email address, this address is a list of characters representing your account that you can send Ether to.
  5. In the exchange, send the Ether to the copied address.
  • Step 4. All Set!
    Congratulations, You are now able to play EtherMage!

We’ll be announcing our Presale very soon and if you don’t want to miss out on anything, go ahead and join our mailing list here.

And if you TL;DR, DON’T CLICK ME

Play Here at:

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Inspired by Magic: The Gathering, EtherMage is a Trading Card Game (TCG) on the Ethereum Blockchain with a unique Gameplay System. Play, Trade, Win Prize Money, Earn ETH and much more! Join us at


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EtherMage is a browser based crypto trading card game where players can battle, trade and earn ETH! Join us at



Inspired by Magic: The Gathering, EtherMage is a Trading Card Game (TCG) on the Ethereum Blockchain with a unique Gameplay System. Play, Trade, Win Prize Money, Earn ETH and much more! Join us at

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