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Jul 15, 2021

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Ethermon Community Call Wrap Up 7/14/21

Per request from members of the community, we’ve decided to encapsulate the spirit of the conversations happening during our discord calls every week into readable form. We love the direction the Ethermon community is heading, every week we witness signs of growth and its especially reflected during these gatherings.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to attend these calls due to the nature of our international presence. 1pm CST on Wednesdays works for one half of the planet, but for the other half these calls are going down during precious resting hours. So to not ruin peoples sleep habits we’ll do our best from now on to summarize the main discussion topics every week for those who missed out.

Main Topics Discussed

  • Build to Earn competition voting issues
  • Community straw poll
  • Web Socket Server updates

Build to Earn Competition Voting Issues

We kept a close eye on the Twitter results for the build to earn competition. When we first started this community exercise we assumed there would likely be attempts at manipulation as Twitter is very vulnerable to this. After 3 days of voting on which house build should win the competition, we’ve observed clear evidence that there were attempts at distorting the true count of votes.

Evidence below: The total numbers of votes according to Twitters analytics is 179 but over 1,000 votes were submitted in the poll.

Ignoring this clear breach in authenticity would be a massive disservice to what we’re trying to accomplish with these community centered initiatives. Laying the groundwork for community decisions will factor into many future governance decisions. If we are to truly evolve this community and move toward more decentralization, coming to a fair and transparent consensus is key.

Community Straw Poll

It was clear we weren’t able to continue with the current plan of determining the winner through Twitter so we posed to the community 3 solution proposals of our own and added two sourced from the discord chat. Once all 5 were determined we took a straw poll using the discord emojis

The community has spoken! The consensus to resolve the short term matter of the build to earn competition is to evenly distribute the EMON prize among the top 3 contestants to mitigate the possibility of fraudulent take over for the #1 position. The LAND will be randomly assigned to a winner as well.

Updates to WSS

We ended our call going over some of the updated progress on a high priority dev task of implementing the WSS technology into the Ethermon experience in Decentraland. The idea being we need everyone’s Mons to display to one another when in world to create a more social and immersive ecosystem. The dev team ran into a small hiccup in the process of development but quickly resolved the issues and are on track to delivering the simplest version by next week.

We should be able to announce to the community shortly after that the capability to share your Ethermon experience among your fellow Trainers is finally here! We strongly look forward to that as we think it will change the game by giving Mon owners such a unique experience that cannot be found outside the metaverse.

About Ethermon is a pioneer of Ethereum based blockchain gaming. It was initially launched in 2017, making it one of the longest standing NFT projects. With over 200 Mons in existence and a multi-verse game presence, Ethermon has become one of the more robust gaming ecosystems in the market. Mons can now be found within the 2D turn based web version AND the 3D open world of Decentraland where Ethermon trainers will be able to Play to Earn in multiple ways.

Join the community building the best Play to Earn Game Verse in the Metaverse and beyond! Follow our social channels and join the discord / telegram to begin your Ethermon Adventure today!

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