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Ethermon WildGrass-Meta —Battle Mode, Airdrop eligibility, MARKS & Timeline!

Ethermon becomes available everywhere in Decentraland! Starting Sunday, December 21st 2020, the Ethermon Biome: WildGrass-Meta will become available. Pick one up and deploy it for Wild Mons and mysterious monsters to appear on your LAND.

Hint: You can catch Wild Mons and Earn MARKS (a new currency) for defeating monsters (read more below)

Airdrop! On December 20th, every unique address with at least 1 LAND will also be able to claim a WildGrass-Meta for FREE on (snapshot taken on the 20th). Each WildGrass-Meta can be converted into NFT’s in the future BUT only those that deploy their FREE WildGrass-Meta on their LAND before January 1st, 2021 will be eligible for the conversion.

Having 1 WildGrass-Meta on your LAND will spawn 1 neutral monster every 3 hours. LAND owners can stack multiple WildGrass Meta on a LAND (including the free one) — having more Ethermon Meta’s stacked will exponentially decreases time between spawns & increases % chance to spawn a Mon (Up to 10 Grass Meta’s can be stacked on a single LAND). More info on this will be released this coming week.

Note: Ethermon Garden-Meta , and EggNest-Meta will also count towards the stacking criterion.

Skill-Based Battle Mode:

Wild Grass Meta will be deployable by end of 2020 and you will be able to BATTLE with your Mons in Decentraland.

You can seek out neutral monsters and other Mons and engage them in active turn-based battle. Mons will be able to learn and unlock battle-moves! Test your skills, defeat spawns and collect loot.

Battles will become the main source of DXP for your Mons. Previously, a user needed to manage their Mon’s hunger to gain DXP — this method to earn DXP will be greatly scaled back with the introduction of the battle system roadmap.

Doing battles will require energy, currently Food & sleeping are two different ways to replenish that energy. There will be a stronger emphasis on the Food and crafting system for energy — this will greatly benefit Ethermon GardenBed-Meta owners.


We will also be introducing MARKS — an off-chain currency (for now) that will be spendable in the Ethermon Battleground District. It will be used for many functions such as healing your Mons, reviving your team, entering certain areas & battle towers, upgrading a Mon’s move-sets, etc.

Passive Farming! Every Mon or neutral spawn that you defeat on these Wild Grass Meta’s will drop MARKS. The rarer the spawn, the more MARKS that are dropped. In addition, EVERY spawn that is defeated on a user’s LAND will award the LAND owner MARKS as well.

EMONT (our native ERC-20 token) will also play a vital role in the District. More information on MARKS & EMONT coming soon — we just wanted to introduce the topic for now, and let you know that everything we are designing in the district will focus around Play-to-Earn gameplay. This is what we’re most excited about.

LEFT: MARKS (the new currency), RIGHT: EMONT (ERC20 on UniSwap)


December 20th — 1 Free Wild Grass Meta will be claimable by all unique addresses that own at least 1 LAND

December 21st — Users can purchase additional Wild Grass Meta’s at a low price

December 30th — The Wild Grass Meta is deployable and users will be able to use their Mons in skill-based battles to loot MARKS and other goodies.

January 2nd — District Town Center Announcement

January 4th — 5 more Mons will be available for purchase/useable in DCL. We will also announce the full Mon release schedule

January 5th to 31st — District Battle Towers released, Backpack/Looting system developed, 5 more Mons (3rd Egg), and the ability to CATCH wild Mons will be deployed



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