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How to Prepare for Ethermon’s Polkastarter Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO)

Now that we’ve announced our Polkastarter IDO on the 18th of May, we want to share with the community how to best prepare and participate in the token generation process.

Polkastarter Updates

The Polkastarter IDO qualification process has changed since Ethermon originally planned to launch on the platform (~March 2021.) Previously, separate pools were created for participation between the public and the community of POLS token holders. As the result of a recent update, the Polkastarter IDOs now have have one single pool. You can read more about these changes here: Polkastarter Whitelists Just Got A Whole Lot Better

After aligning with the Polkastarter team, we are happy to present the following unique opportunity for POLS holder and the long lasting Ethermon community who’s been with us since the beginning. Thank you for all of the support during this transition, we believe this will be a stellar launch!!

Overall 1250 will be allowed to participate in this whitelist.

Breakdown of opportunities to participate in the whitelist are below:

Ethermon Community Participation (MAY 6th — 15th)

To have a chance at being selected from the community whitelist, you need to fulfill ONE of the following requirements:

Battle Ready Trainer — At minimum, holding 3 different classes of Matic Network Mons (EMONA Token) in your wallet address (Including the limited time, 100% FREE to Catch Mons: Snobbit & Hambrisk on the Matic Network — Yes, we’ll even pay for the gas!).

Step by step walkthrough on how to catch the Matic Network Mons will be released tomorrow.

Legacy Trainer — At minimum, holding 8 different classes of Ethereum Network Mons (EMONA token) in your wallet address (Excluding the free starter Mon classes: Kyari, Omnom, Mintol). This will be an opportunity for existing players with layer 1 Mons to participate in the launch event for the support given through our journey.

(Although not necessary, chances will increase for Trainers that acquire more Mons than needed to become Battle Ready)

KYC for this Community Bucket: May 6th — 15th (Don’t Miss this End Day to KYC)

As soon as you meet one of the above qualifications you may complete your KYC through the Register for Polkastarter button that will be displayed on the webpage. If you happen to also hold the minimal 250 POLS tokens you will get another chance on the below POLS Holder participation windows as well.

If you are a POLS holder, you can participate in this community bucket and still have your opportunity to KYC for the POLS only allocation. YOU DO NOT NEED MONS TO REGISTER! WAIT FOR MAY 12th POLS ONLY REGISTRATION. DETAILS ARE BELOW IN POLS HOLDER PARTICIPATION SECTION.

FREE Ethermon NFT: Hambrisk & Snobbit (Limited Time!)

On-Chain NFT on Matic/Polygon Network (Absolutely No Gas, No Balance Required)

POLS Holder Participation (May 12th — 15th)

To qualify, POLS holders will need to make it through the final selection conducted by the Polkastarter team, details on how the selection is structured can be found in this article: Polkastarter Whitelists Just Got A Whole Lot Better

  • HINT: To increase your odds at being selected, you should become battle ready meaning having at minimum 3 Matic Mons (including free Mons: Snobbit, Hambrisk). While you are at it, take your mons to the Ladder Battlefield!

KYC for POLS only Holders: May 12th — 15th (Don’t Miss this End Day to KYC)

Email Notifications will be sent to those selected when it’s time for you to KYC (Make sure your email is updated on under the Profile menu on, KYC link will be available after you log back in on May 12th. You will have until May 15 to complete your KYC)

We don’t want any whitelist participant to walk away feeling like they got nothing if they aren’t selected. So, we’ve planned a community $EMON reward distribution post TGE which will include all users who are holding Mons (excluding free Mons of any kind). This means if you applied and successfully KYC, you will get allocation. Please note some country restrictions applies for KYC.

Additional Whitelisting Requirements

  • Confirm your email address (KYC will be sent to same email if selected)
  • Name
  • Country of Residence
  • Twitter handle
  • Telegram handle
  • ERC-20 Ethereum wallet address
  • Join the Ethermon Telegram Community Group
  • Follow the Ethermon Twitter

Application links for whitelisting will be in future announcements. Stay tuned to our Telegram, Twitter, and Discord to know exactly when the whitelist opens.

***Please note that citizens from the following countries have been excluded from the IDO: BVI, Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Myanmar, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, US Virgin Islands

Ethermon has not officially released the EMON Token, be cautious of any solicitations claiming to be the $EMON smart contract address, they are scams! Official Address will be released from Ethermon social channels listed above.

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the fully decentralized protocol for launching new ideas. Our curation process and industry access enable us to offer the best new projects in blockchain and digital assets.

With Polkastarter, decentralized projects can raise awareness, build a loyal community, and receive long-term support. Users of the platform will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment, and use assets both in and beyond the current ERC20 standard.

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About Ethermon is a pioneer of Ethereum based blockchain gaming. It was initially launched in 2017, making it one of the longest standing NFT projects. With over 200 Mons in existence and a multi-verse game presence, Ethermon has become one of the more robust gaming ecosystems in the market. Mons can now be found within the 2D turn based web version AND the 3D open world of Decentraland where Ethermon trainers will be able to Play to Earn in multiple ways.

Join the community building the best Play to Earn Game Verse in the Metaverse and beyond! Follow our social channels and join the discord / telegram to begin your Ethermon Adventure today!

Official Links

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