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Ethernity Chain Drop #11: Phil Ivey x Impossible Brief

Ethernity Chain and Impossible Brief are thrilled to be engaging the poker world by releasing an officially licensed aNFT collection commemorating Phil Ivey’s many career achievements. While poker has long been integrated into digital settings online, it has yet to make a splash in the emerging crypto-digital future that the Ethernity Chain community is defining. With Phil Ivey being the icon that he is, we hope that poker will lead by Phil’s example by choosing to embrace the future of collectibles.

Impossible Brief is a creative duo of James Zwadlo and Chris Levett from the UK with a mission of producing the highest quality art for the world’s highest quality talent. They believe in setting and keeping the bar high in the NFT industry because it’s what the collector community deserves. Impossible Brief NFT’s create lasting, memorable experiences by making the art jump-off-the-screen. Creating the art for this most recent Phil Ivey NFT is the latest ‘face’ of a sport represented in their extensive portfolio of sports NFT’s. For Impossible Brief, getting the chance to create the licensed Phil Ivey NFT was a “no-brainer” after previously immortalizing the faces of football (Patrick Mahomes) and baseball (Fernando Tatis Jr.) in recent months.

The Royal Flush

Fact: Statistically, The chances of getting a Royal Flush playing a hand of Texas Hold ’Em are 1 in 30,940 hands.

Ethernity Chain Collectors can Collect All 5 Phil Ivey editions (10, J, Q, K and win the Ace) to achieve a “Royal Flush.”

By achieving the Royal Flush you get the opportunity to participate in a charity poker game featuring Phil Ivey. This will be a highly curated, real life game aboard a luxury yacht in Miami this coming fall/winter 2021. This event is subject to the Terms and Conditions below.*

How to achieve the “Royal Flush” and get your spot at the table:

  1. Buy the Ten, Jack, Queen, & King NFTs and hold them in your Wallet
  2. Win one of 8 Aces up for auction.
  3. Winning Auction Bidders of the 8 Aces who also hold the whole hand (Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace) then collect a “Royal Flush” and shall be eligible to make the game in Miami.

*Terms and Conditions: Coming Fall/Winter 2021. Special Guests, Chef, & Entertainment to be announced. Winning Royal Flush Holders will be contacted directly by the Ethernity team. Terms and Details are Subject to Change.

Total NFT’s: 5

NFT 1:

The Ten Card

Price: $199 in ERN


Buy Now / Duration:72 hours


Ivey’s career has a numerological affinity for the number 10. Phil Ivey is a 10-time world poker bracelet recipient, tied for the second-most all-time within poker history. With over 26 million dollars in career live tournament cashes, Ivey is currently sitting at #10 all time on the poker money list. During its existence, Ivey reportedly made ~10 million dollars in poker earnings from the popular “Full Tilt Poker” website. Finally, Ivey was famously rumoured to have accepted a televised poker challenge that would have required Ivey to wager 10 million dollars of his own money.

NFT 2:

The Jack Card

Price:$500 in ERN

Available: 75

Buy Now / Duration: 72 Hours


Like a jack of all trades, Ivey is a jack of all poker moves, you never know what to expect next from him. Ivey’s “jack-like” playing style is responsible for a great degree of his success sitting at the poker table.

NFT 3:

The Queen Card

Price: $999 in ETH

Available: 50

Buy Now / Duration:72 hours

Art Direction:

Accentuating the eyes on this card, it fits the mandate we were given by the client to do something about his eyes


During any poker match that comes down to the wire, Phil Ivey’s eyes reflect that of a ruling royal; calm, steady, meticulous and domineering. When staring down Ivey at a poker table, you cannot shake his stone-cold stare, like a royal overseeing their domain.

NFT 4:

The King Card

Price: $1999 in ERN

Available: 20

Buy Now / Duration: 72 hours


Widely regarded as the best all-around player on earth, Phil Ivey is the king of poker. From the humble persona of “No Home Jerome” to international superstar, Phil Ivey’s ascendancy in poker is an all-time story of grit, skill…and a little bit of luck.

NFT 5:

The Ace Card
Available: 8 of 8

Price: Auction / Reserve Price starting at $4,000 in ETH — 8 PIECES

Auction Duration: 72 Hours


Phil Ivey will always be regarded as an ace-level renegade within the poker world. When it matters most, Ivey always ups the ante and stays consistent in his dominance. Instead of staying within the tournament circuit, Ivey more often wagers up by playing in all-cash games, now that is ace-level play.




Ethernity is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.

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Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.

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