Ethernity Chain Drop #9: The Neil Armstrong Satellite NFT Launch with The U.S. Space Force

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7 min readJun 16, 2021


Wednesday, June 16th @ 5pm ET

[by Worldwide XR, in collaboration with CMG Worldwide]

Welcome to Ethernity Chain Drop #9: The Official, Licensed aNFT experience with The United States Space Force (USSF) and the Neil Armstrong estate, in partnership with CMG and WorldwideXR, commemorating the launch of a GPS III satellite.

On Thursday June 17, 2021 the United States Space Force (USSF) will launch the fifth vehicle of its GPS III constellation of satellites, providing accurate global positioning and navigation systems to military and civilian users. To commemorate the launch, the USSF wanted to honor one of the pioneers in extraterrestrial advancements, Neil Armstrong, by naming the GPS III SV-05 “Armstrong’’. The USSF utilizes its satellite names to honor prominent explorers in history — previous GPS III satellites are named Vespucci, Magellan, Matthew Henson, and Sacagawea respectively — and thus naming SV-05 after one of the most iconic astronauts represents a natural synergy.

This official licensing deal was completed via CMG Worldwide, the official representatives of Armstrong’s estate. As is typical for USSF launches, the participating engineers and crew will receive official, custom-designed coins and patches related directly to the mission. However, to celebrate the momentous occasion and time we currently live in, the launch will also mark the first official, corresponding NFT (non-fungible tokens) campaign for a space launch.

The collection, titled the “Armstrong Satellite NFT Launch with Space Force’’, features interactive augmented reality (AR) NFT’s developed by digital artist companies WorldwideXR and VueXR — giving Ethernity Chain users real-time unlockable 3D experiential NFT content. See below under the collection to acces the exclusive VueXR app.

Links to the VueXR app on the app stores:

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Steps to watch the AR Unlockable from the VueXR app:

  • Step 1: Download the VueXR app in your android/iOS mobile or tablet device
  • Step 2: Click on the AR Unlockable link from your mobile or tablet device
  • Step 3: Have fun with your NFT asset in Augmented Reality


1: GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” Satellite

  • 1 of 1
  • Starting Auction Price: $1 in ERN


The U.S. Space Force Global Positioning System (GPS) III Space Vehicle 05 (SV05) “ARMSTRONG” joins a constellation of more than 30 GPS satellites that provide precise positioning, navigation, and timing information to more than 4 billion users worldwide. Originally developed by the Air Force for Military users, GPS provides precise position and timing information for navigation and today is integrated into many different aspects of our daily life. The GPS III satellites add a multitude of new capabilities, including a new “L1C” (civil) signal that is shared with our European partners’ system, Galileo; enhanced signal power for our U.S. and allied military users; a hardened design for a longer life on orbit; and improved security and resilience to operate through the increasingly contested environment in space. Once SV05 completes checkout on orbit, it will be known by its operational number, GPS SVN78.


2: ARMSTRONG Mission Blastoff!

  • 10 of 10
  • Buy Now: $1,500 in wETH


Through partnership with allies and industry, the United States Space Force is advancing critical space capabilities and enhancing flexibility and resiliency for National Security Space missions. The GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” honors the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first person to step foot onto the moon during the famed National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) mission “Apollo 11”. GPS III leveraged those partnerships to ensure the fifth GPS III space vehicle was successfully integrated on a launch vehicle and delivered to orbit. GPS III SV05 is the first National Security Space mission launched on previously flown hardware.

3: Armstrong’s Suit with GPS III SV05 Mission Logos

  • 25 of 25
  • Buy Now: $750 in ERN


The GPS III team selected the name “ARMSTRONG” for SV05 in honor of a groundbreaking pioneer that made history by setting the standard for technical achievement in space. As foundational technology for the internet, finance, transportation, and agriculture, GPS delivers the gold standard in precise positioning, navigation, and timing services supporting U.S. and allied operations around the world.

NFT 4:

Armstrong’s Helmet with GPS III SV05 Coin Wrap

  • 75 of 75
  • Buy Now: $350 in ETH


The GPS III team selected the name “ARMSTRONG” for SV05 in keeping with their tradition of naming satellites after pioneers that have inspired the team with their cutting-edge scientific prowess, fierce adventuring spirit, and enthusiastic determination to carry out the mission. GPS provides worldwide precise position, navigation, and timing capability to more than 4 billion people daily.

5: GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” Mission Coin

  • 100 of 100
  • Buy Now: $250 in ERN


It’s not just navigation! More than 4 billion people worldwide rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for everything from farming to weather forecasting to stock trading. Launched in June 2021, GPS III SV05 was nicknamed “ARMSTRONG” as a symbol of embracing new technology and innovative satellite production. SV05 is the first GPS satellite to use a new solar panel design that is more efficient and provides more power to the satellite

6: GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” Mission Patch

  • 100 of 100
  • Buy Now: $250 in ETH


GPS chose to honor Neil Armstrong’s legacy as the program once again ventures to new technological heights. The capabilities that GPS III adds to the global mission are small steps in the larger leap of pioneering the future of satellite-based navigation. The U.S. Space Force Global Positioning System (GPS) is a critical national asset that supports national and global security, public safety and economic prosperity for the United States.

7: GPS Satellite Constellation

  • Open Edition (Maximum of 10,000)
  • Buy Now Price: $99 in ERN


GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” is joining the operational GPS constellation that provides precise positioning, navigation, and timing information to more than 4 billion users worldwide. GPS III satellites provide signals that are 3x more accurate and up to 8x more powerful than previous generations! This means improved performance for users around the world and better jamming resistance for critical military missions.

8: Armstrong Footprint GPS III SV05 Commemorative




The GPS III program honors Neil Armstrong’s legacy of venturing to new technological heights. GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” represents the priority of the United States Space Force to delivering new capabilities at operationally relevant speeds and accelerating innovation. GPS supports critical financial, transportation, and agricultural infrastructure, globally. GPS provides an estimated $74 billion in economic benefit to the U.S. economy annually and has contributed over $1.4 trillion since it was made available for civilian and commercial use in the 1980s.


All NFT items created pursuant to this Agreement shall also include metadata, which metadata shall include a “description” or similar field sufficient to store the statement “Officially licensed product of the Dept. of the Air Force. Endorsement by the Dept. of the Air Force is neither intended nor implied.” Such metadata may be stored on-chain or off-chain, provided the metadata can be accessed via a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), Uniform Resource Locator (URL), file transfer protocol (FTP), or other manner of data location and retrieval.



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