The “Messiverse” Has Arrived

The “Messiverse”, the First-Ever Licensed, Authenticated NFT collection from Lionel Messi. This Ethernity exclusive partnership lies beyond the scope of a single series, set piece, or footballer. This NFT collection, part of the “Messiverse” is as big as the legend of Lionel Messi himself.

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6 min readAug 4, 2021

The Drop is Saturday, August 21st at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT / 4 PM UTC

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The Messi Collection includes:

  • “The Golden One” by Bosslogic
  • “The Man From Tomorrow” & “The Man of The Past” by Bosslogic
  • “The King Piece” by Bosslogic
  • “Untitled” by Impossible Brief

Our soccer agency partners ISL were instrumental to the creation of this NFT Partnership.


About the Artist

Bosslogic is an Australian Artist gaining stardom through the wide world of social media, who has gained popularity through the eponymous entertainment industry. His previous work has included Marvel End Game and Disney among others. With millions of followers’ support, Bosslogic is deemed as one of the most popular and influential artists in Australia. Bosslogic collaborated with Ethernity on its first pre-launch NFT series.

Artist Statement:

The collection is a set of pieces outlining achievements, moments, team love, and future accomplishments — focusing mainly on the man himself. Overall I wanted them to be subtle yet impactful within the pieces that loop. Working within the NFT space has been a wild ride getting to do new things and collaborate with people that I never thought I’d get the chance to. Now thanks to Ethernity the dream of working with one of my favorite people in the world and one of the G.O.A.T.s of our time, Messi, I have had the honor and privilege to create a set of pieces for the icon; to go down in history as his first singular NFT drop!

Leo Messi has racked up every individual accolade a soccer star can collect: a record 6 Ballon d’Or awards, 750 career goals, the most goals ever for a single club, the Argentine record, 34 career trophies from La Liga & UEFA Champions League Titles to the recent Copa America crown. He’s won the Golden Ball and made the World Cup Finals. The epic goal scorer and playmaker is now immortalizing his legacy in blockchain form. Fans worldwide can now collect Ethernity’s feature pieces cementing his value and iconic play-making abilities in immutable digital form forever.

Four pieces comprise the drop and portray the soccer superstar in an other-worldly orbit, in AI-driven bionic form both in the future and the past, the “King” of creative soccer stardom, and a yet to be revealed piece commemorating his historic Copa America win.

NFT 1:


Price: Reserve Price: $50,000

Available: 1 of 1 in ERN on MAINNET (+credit card)

Auction Duration: 72 Hours


Every generation has its players who transcend their era. Lionel Messi is that chosen player — depicted here in otherworldly form, a meteoric ride through the world of soccer. Ethernity is proud to present this work of art, this golden one.

From the artist: “A shining star amongst a sky of billions, one shines brighter than all, a legend who has already made history and still continues to do so till this day, his name resonates with everything that is football, even to many that don’t watch the sport, they know the name Messi, he is the gold standard.”

NFT 2:

TITLE: Lionel Messi: “Man From Tomorrow” & “Man Of The Past” [by BossLogic]

Price: $10,000 in ERN on MAINNET (+credit card)

Available: 75 of 75

BUY IT NOW / Duration: 72 Hours


It was the end of an era — and the start of a new one. Messi’s late-breaking move to a new team took the world by surprise and the fans by storm. Ethernity cements his legacy in one historic surprise offering. Buyers of ‘Man From Tomorrow’ get the world’s first collectible with the legendary Lionel Messi in his new Number 30 with the Artist envisioning a soccer star of tomorrow in AI bionic form. From the Artist: “We have followed his past, we are with him in the present and I’m certain when the world is mimicked by AI we will see him in the cyber football leagues of tomorrow.”

This look at the future of football brings with it a surprise additional NFT that only buyers of this rarified piece can claim. The fast paced nature of international football took hold with Ethernity being able to produce this epic pair in time for release, and just in time for collectors to claim. Owners of this special edition will unlock this one-of-a-kind NFT following the drop.

Buyers of this NFT will be entered into a Raffle to win a Signed Messi Jersey.

NFT 3:

TITLE: Lionel Messi: “The King Piece”

[by BossLogic]

Price: $499 in wETH on MAINNET (+credit card)

Available: 2500

BUY NOW / Duration: 72 Hours

Description: Set between the future and our ancient past lies the Middle Ages when Kings ruled kingdoms. Chiefly among their gamesmanship rose the game of chess. Harken back to those times and Messi would have reigned supreme in the world of sport, renowned by King’s courts and legions of fans.

From the Artist: “In celebration of Messi’s 6 ballon d’ors I wanted the powerful presence of gold over dark tones but to push it further by playing the king piece into the art, king in the game.”

Buyers of this NFT will be entered into a Raffle to win a Signed Messi Jersey.

NFT 4:

TITLE: To Be Revealed

[by Impossible Brief]

Price: $50 in wETH on POLYGON NEWTORK* (+credit card)

*To buy on Polygon, You must have MATIC + ETH in your Polygon wallet. Our UI will automatically change your wallet from ETH network to Polygon Network to make the purchase.


BUY NOW / Duration: 96 Hours


The last NFT in the Messiverse will be revealed upon launch of the Ethernity collection. Officially licensed and authenticated by Copa America and Messi himself — the piece pays homage to Argentina’s historic win in the Copa America final over Brazil. It was the country’s and Messi’s first major international tournament win in decades, a splendid fitting cap on a legendary soccer career for a South America player.

From the Artists: “Working with Messi is a dream come true for the Impossible Brief team, who are all huge football fans. We cannot wait to unveil our contribution to this landmark auction on Ethernity.”



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