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The legendary MEME to be immortalized as the first-ever Ethernity Drop by its original creator Jason Heuser.

🦄 🐱 Welcome to the Internet by Jason Heuser: Monday-April 12th🐱 🦄

  • 1/1 Welcome to the Internet 3D Legendary Edition — Auction & IO Digital Screen - Reserve Price $35,000 — (*1000 ERN)
  • 69/69 Welcome to the Internet 3D Limited Super Editions — Silent Auction Minimum Bid $3,500 — (*100 ERN)
  • 370/420 Welcome to the Internet 2012 Original - Buy It Now — Price $875 (*25 ERN)
  • 50 Original 2012 Editions will be made available to STONE holders at our farming event by the end of the month. (FCFS)
  • 1/1 Easter Egg NFT “Justice for Gustav” — Silent Auction-Reserve Price 1$ (0.02 ERN* Yes you read that right 🐱)
  • Monday, April 12th | 8 pm EST
  • ERN is required to be able to bid or buy.
  • 10% of every resale will be going back to Jason Heuser forever.
  • AR & Virtual World Unlockables: Our virtual world gallery to launch Monday 4 pm EST



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Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.