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Etheros Metaverse — Revolutionary Play to Earn Game

Etheros Metaverse

The Metaverse has been in the news since Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta. However, the term originated much earlier.

The term metaverse first appeared in a science fiction novel — a form of virtual reality depicted in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk book Blizzard — a “second world” in which people, via avatars, live their lives, attend parties, concerts, play games, watch movies — lead their lives. This idea has permeated popular culture in books and films such as Ready Player One, where the main character — a virtual reality player — can switch between any of the available games. Global virtual reality, as some kind of successor to the Internet, had been appearing in literature and in the ideas of futurologists for some time. However, there it remained.

In 2020, the term metaverse emerged as a description of phenomena that in part already exist — describing the gaming environment.

Etheros — opportunities in the virtual world

Etheros Metaverse will be a digital representation of the Earth in a virtual world based on decentralization.

Etheros game has its own virtual economy, where the ETS currency available in the game can be spent on products and services available there. Generally metaverse is described as a shared, virtual space that provides access to all sorts of entertainment and projects — including work opportunities. Etheros will be a platform that combines entertainment with money-making. In the game, it will be possible to create avatars and places, which will be a representation of reality or the creation of completely new places.

It will also be possible to build one’s own events and solutions, allowing to constantly work in this reality or to earn passive income by e.g. making one’s space available for advertisements.

Each user will be able to let their imagination run wild. On the one hand, it will be possible to buy ready-made objects and buildings in the form of NFT, which will be available in Market Place. On the other hand, everyone can create their own futuristic world with magical objects, plants, buildings etc.

Etheros will also feature the ability to make various types of equipment and items for the community. Selling these items provides tangible benefits and helps you to function in the world of Etheros.

One element of the game is also the mining of raw materials or cryptocurrencies that are randomly spread across the lands of Etheros. The raw materials mined allow you to create new things in the Etheros Metaverse. Then you can build, sell or manage your property.

We want the community from all over the world to be involved in building the Etheros world. Users from every continent will be able to invest in the game and make money. You can start with as small amount as 1 dollar, and the profits can be huge. Just buy 1 km2 of land for 1 dollar and create your dream world there, which will become an opportunity for others to multiply their money.

We are constantly working on the development of the platform. We plan to launch the first BETA version for testing as early as 2022.

Etheros is unlimited opportunities to play and earn. See you in our metaverse!



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