A new front-end interface for any smart contract on Ethereum!

Kaven Choi
May 27 · 2 min read

Etherscan is introducing Etherscan Dapp Page for any smart contract.

CryptoKittes Dapp Page

Etherscan Dapp page provides a front-end interface with a custom URL (using Ethereum name service) for any smart contract on Ethereum.

The Etherscan Dapp page allows developer and dapp owner to customize the page and define smart contract functions to help users interact with the smart contract with ease.

Dapp developers can freely customize the pages with a banner image, social links, information regarding the dapp and also describe the nature of each function of their smart contract for both Read and Write.

Description for Smart Contract Functions

Developers and dapp owners can also provide real-time support to the users under the comment section of the Dapp page.

To access the Dapp page, click on the button next to token reputation as shown above from any token/contract address page.

Dapp owners and developers can submit information of their dapp here.

Etherscan Blog

Etherscan is the leading Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. The core of Etherscan involves extracting data from the Ethereum distributed ledger, indexing and displaying the processed data in a concise and readable manner for the masses and layperson.

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