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Blockscan: The Search Engine for a Decentralized Web

Accessing decentralized, uncensorable websites has long been touted as one of the potential uses for Ethereum. In recent years, projects such as ENS and Unstoppable Domains have made large strides in this area. Users are now able to access these sites by simply entering human-readable names instead of long-winded IPFS hashes.

One challenge remains: users of such sites lack easy ways of discovery. Imagine looking up a topic on the Internet. You wouldn’t need to type an exact URL. Your browser’s native search engine picks out countless suggestions for any particular search item you look for. The same cannot be said of decentralized websites, where even entering exact URLs may not get you to the website you want on mainstream browsers.

Enter Blockscan.

The team at Blockscan have for years focused on making decentralized information accessible to end users. With Etherscan and other explorers, we made this possible for blockchains. We now make our foray into the same for decentralized websites.

This version is a first iteration starting with 3 popular blockchain domains: .eth, .crypto, and .zil. It comes with a directory of 150 known websites for users to explore.

Fun fact: one of these links in the directory is a good ol’ Rickroll. Tell us which one it is!


What do you mean by a decentralized website?
A website hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Each webpage is hashed and stored by multiple nodes (computers) connected to the network, in a similar way to torrent files. If one node fails or gets blocked, others can serve the same data to the network.

Are you tracking me?
While the website is stored on a central server, we do not store any identifiable analytics data.

Are you centralizing access to decentralized websites?
Anyone can already access decentralized websites on their own. Blockscan makes them more accessible by allowing you to search for one by simply using a search box.

Why is the preview showing a blank page?
Some websites may not be displayed correctly while in preview mode. Click on Go to website to access the website directly on IPFS.

Why can’t I interact with the website using my Web3 wallet?
You are not able to connect to Web3 wallets while in preview mode. Click on Go to website to access the website directly on IPFS.

Why is my website not there?
We are constantly looking to add new websites! Add yours on our Submit page.

Going forward, we hope to expand beyond these 3 domains to include other websites on IPFS.

We can’t do so without your input! Help us buidl by:

  1. Trying out Blockscan and sharing your thoughts
  2. Adding your decentralized website to Blockscan
  3. Engaging with Blockscan on Twitter



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