Verifying contracts on Etherscan

Kaven Choi
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2 min readAug 28, 2018


To update token information on Etherscan, the token contract address for the token must be verified. This is to ensure that the contract code is exactly what is being deployed onto the blockchain and also allows the public to audit and read the contract. Etherscan ensures that all token contract must be verified before they can be updated with information submitted by the contract owner.

If you are the contract owner and would like to verify your contract, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Verify and Publish

Under the contract address, next to the “Transaction” tab, you will be able to find the “Code” tab. Then click on “Verify And Publish.”

Verify and publish under Code tab

2. Verify Contract Code

For Truffle deployed contracts, contract owner can use Etherscan’s new Beta Source Code Contract Verifier which supports the ‘run’ option on top of the verify contract code page.

Verify Contract Code

Entered the required information, contract name of the contract, the compiler version, optimization option and entered the complete contract code. The contract code should be as deployed, in a single file, flatten and all imports to be removed.

The constructor argument and other libraries can also be entered at the bottom of the same page.

Before clicking on the Verify And Publish button, kindly complete the reCAPTCHA and the contract should be verified.

3. Confirm Contract Details

Sample from ZRX Token

When the contract has been verified, the “Code” page will be filled with the contract details. The source code of the contract is now publicly available on Etherscan.