Ethex Mobile Beta

Help us test the first native DApp token market + wallet.

Ethex has made some great progress in the last month. We’ve added listings for useful tokens REP and REQ; we’ve made several quality of life updates including improved workflows for wallet importing/connecting, and new charting displays; plus trade volume has also been growing steadily, with Ethex appearing consistently in the top 10 DEXs by 24h volume during August.

We have many more updates coming to the browser DApp, but we also have big news for your mobile device: Ethex is preparing the release of a native mobile app for iOS and Android. Ethex Mobile is a world class Ethereum wallet and the hassle-free way to buy and sell Useful Tokens. It features a new interface built from the ground up for mobile, while retaining the on-chain wallet-to-wallet decentralized character that you expect from Ethex: no registration, no deposit, buy/sell in the least number of steps.

Ethex Mobile Features Overview

  • No registration, no deposit, no withdrawal.
  • No server. All data is stored on your device.
  • Easy wallet creation/import. You own your keys, they are stored only on your device.
  • Track the value of your token holdings.
  • Buy/Sell the following Useful Tokens: REQ, DAI, BAT, REP, STORJ, STORM, DENT, PRL, KNC, ZRX, and any new tokens that are added by Ethex in the future.
  • Send/Receive Tokens and Eth.

How do I Become a Beta Tester?

We’d love to have you test and give feedback. Simply fill out this application form to get started. Our first beta builds are scheduled to go out this week, so don’t wait!