Introducing the Ethex Trade Wallet

A unique native mobile DApp that features hassle-free token trading.

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Ethex Trade Wallet is a nice compliment to the more “pro” Ethex browser Dapp. It’s a full featured Ethereum wallet that supports sending and receiving Ethereum or any ERC20 token. What really makes it stand out is the hassle-free trading of any useful token that’s listed on Ethex.

As with our browser DApp, this is all done wallet-to-wallet, and trades are settled on the same smart contract and exchange as any other Ethex trade. In fact, you’ll be able to see and take orders from the mobile app on the full exchange.

💎 Hassle free.

Buy and sell tokens for ETH in a couple taps. Your orders are completed directly wallet-to-wallet using a secure decentralized smart contract. No complex registration, no need to deposit funds or wrap your ether.

💼 Crypto wallet and portfolio tracker.

Track your total portfolio value in your currency of choice. Store, send, and receive Ether and ERC20 tokens. Ethex Trade Wallet is compatible with all ERC20 tokens and lets you view all your transactions, and manage multiple wallets.

🔑 Secure.

Your private keys belong to you. They are never uploaded to Ethex, Apple, Google, or any other cloud/server — they stay on your device and in your control. All your valuable cryptocurrency and tokens are protected by these keys on your own device utilizing hardware encryption on your Android or iPhone. This also means your keys are your responsibility. We can’t recover them for you so make sure to back them up safely!

🛠 Useful Tokens.

The decentralized revolution is powered by useful tokens. Ethex is the best place to find, buy and sell them. Ethex only lists markets for tokens that have utility today. That means they can be used in a DApp, protocol, or other functionality. We believe pump and dump groups, price manipulation, and outright scams are far less likely when real teams and companies are delivering true value through usefulness. You can use the tokens listed on Ethex for things like decentralized storage, ad-free web content, cloud based computing power, organizational governance and so many other things.

🌐 Trustless global market.

Ethex is a decentralized application built on the ethereum blockchain. All transactions (whether you’re sending, receiving, buying or selling) are completed directly between parties on this peer to peer ledger. Ethex never holds funds. Ethex doesn’t even host the orders — all the order books are on the blockchain. This means making trades is transparent and Trustless.