New Listings: Seven Useful Tokens added

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3 min readOct 2, 2018


We at are excited to announce that we are listing 7 new tokens. These are all useful tokens and we’ve personally validated their use case on ethereum mainnet. Congrats to all!

Trade BNB on

$BNB (Binance)

This token is the native token for Binance, the largest centralized exchange in the world. Right now, holders will get a discount on trading fees. CZ (the founder of Binance) plans to give more usefulness to this token once the Binance ecosystem is built out.

Trade $EMONT on

$EMONT (Ethermon)

Combining Blockchain and Virtual Reality technology, Etheremon offers a gaming experience like never before. This is the first gaming world ever where you actually own the assets which no one can influence or steal from you and see them operating like in the real world. EMONT is the currency of Etheremon world. Use EMONT to buy energy and power your Ethermon in battles, plus it’s an open standard used in many other games.

Trade $UKG on

$UKG (Unikoin Gold)

UnikoinGold is a cryptocurrency token created by Unikrn, Inc., an esports betting company. It is a decentralized, freely-tradeable digital token based on Ethereum blockchain and its ERC-20 smart contract token standard. You can use UKG to wager on e-sports, and purchase skins, weapons, and other gaming accessories. You can also earn UKG by playing games on their platform.

Trade $BNTY on

$BNTY (Bounty)

Bounty0x is a cryptocurrency bounty hunting platform. BNTY powers the network — currently used by Sheriffs to validate or reject bounty submissions. Sheriffs stake their BNTY when reviewing whether hunters have successfully delivered their bounties ensuring that they have an incentive to correctly review submissions.

Trade $0xBTC on

$0xBTC (0xBitcoin)

0xBitcoin combines advantages from both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The asset is decentralized, permissionless, mined and scarce just like Bitcoin which means it shares all of Bitcoin’s use cases and properties as a transparent and permanent digital record of value. However, above Bitcoin, 0xBitcoin has the speed and scalability of the Ethereum network and is compatible with all ERC20 token services.

Trade $RLC on

$RLC (iExec)

iExec seeks to combine blockchain with cloud computing. The marketplace is iExec’s hub for providers and users to exchange RLC for computer resources.

Trade $GEN on

$GEN (DAO Stack)

Daostack has set out to make “the wordpress of DAO’s” — today, Alchemy is up and running on mainnet. It allows voting on proposals for the Genesis Alpha DAO. Today you can stage GEN on proposals which earns you reputation and GEN if your predictions come true. The real purpose behind this mechanic is to power a “human attention marketplace”. Cool.

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If you have a token that you think should be listed, feel free to fill out this form. You can also read about our criteria and process here.



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