The most popular trends of online gambling in 2019

Online gambling has been snowballing in the past two decades, thanks to the rise of the Internet and various technological advancements.

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If you are an online gambler with years of experience, you’re probably familiar with many of the changes the industry has seen in the last 2 decades. 2019 could bring even more changes, most of them are good.

Experts from Juniper Research predict that the profits of online gambling will reach $1 trillion by 2021. Today the owners of online casinos need to make every effort to develop new products.

The key to the casino’s leading position in the market and high income is its reliability in the eyes of customers. It must have an official license, a transparent system of payments, bonus programs and best games 2019 from proven companies. In addition, there are additional ways to attract clients: they can change from year to year and are directly dependent on the development of the industry.

The main trends in gambling: overview

The main areas of gambling last year were the development of the mobile segment and live gaming. Back in 2017, the Statistica website published a survey according to which 10% of players regularly use smartphones for gambling, and in 2018, more than half of the customers of virtual gambling establishments visited them from smartphones. The number of mobile slots from popular developers also continues to grow.

Games with live dealers, so-called live casinos, have become more common and popular. Their popularity also depends on the availability of games with live dealers, which are simply played from mobile phones. Also, the attention of users to live casinos is due to the atmosphere, which is as close as possible to the present and gives a sense of presence.

The same trends will continue throughout 2019, but they will be complemented by new trends and attractive technical solutions. Let’s analyze the main fields of the industry more closely.

Mobile gambling

This year mobile gambling will push the PC even further: according to App Annie’s forecasts, 60% of the world’s gaming profits will go to the mobile segment. The overall average annual growth rate from 2017 to 2021 will be 17.3%. These trends apply to both online casinos and sports betting using smartphones.

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This growth in this segment is explained by the fact that mobile technologies are becoming more and more accessible, and at the same time, communication standards are improving. Getting access to gambling resources through the application is faster and easier than from a computer. In addition, you can go in and play, or quickly place a bet anywhere, because the mobile phone is always with you.

VR and Live Casinos

VR-games are realistic, with full immersion and presence. Virtual reality games are developed by Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt and many others. Offers such as online poker with support for VR (PokerStars VR), allow you to interact with other poker players from anywhere in the world as if the player is sitting at the same table with them.

By next year, the number of online casinos offering best games in 2019 with live dealers has increased significantly. This software is popular with both the world’s most visited casinos and beginners.

Why are games with real dealers so popular? There are four reasons for this:

  • are available through mobile devices;
  • have a unique experience of socialization;
  • have the atmosphere of a land-based casino;
  • a lot of bonuses and VIP-programs.

SoftGamings believes that this wave will not disappear soon. Many operators have not yet had the opportunity to include games with live dealers in their portfolios, but plan to correct this shortcoming in the near future. Among the casinos focused on the European market (particularly in Germany), there is little competition in this area — the two most visited resources do not yet provide the option of live casinos.

Live Casinos will undergo a process of improvement — will expand opportunities for players and range of products, will switch to multi-language interface to make it more convenient for users. For example, some casinos in European countries are unattractive for players because their live dealers do not speak the right languages and work in a limited number of time zones. Companies that support at least three languages have a better chance of increasing their audience and profits.

Famous characters and settings in gambling

The gambling industry is flooded by branded slots — thematic games based on famous characters from movies, cartoons or comics. The first branded slot machine appeared in 2004 when Microgaming introduced Tomb Raider. At that time, branded slots became a worldwide hit.

In 2017, Playtech signed an agreement with Warner Bros. and received the right to create six DC slot machines, including Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, which made this transaction the largest in the history of online gaming. Dirty Dancing, American Dad and Robocop from the same company were also presented this year.

However, Playtech’s competitors are not far behind. In early 2018, players experienced NetEnt’s Emosy Planet and Monkey Planet, as well as Microgaming’s Halloween, Opera Ghost and Jurassic World and dozens of other slots from various software providers. Given the popularity of branded slots, experts predict that this trend will also be successful in 2019.

Gambling regulations

In 2019, gambling will grow rapidly and successfully in South Africa and Asia. This will be facilitated by targeted regulation of the gambling industry: for example, in Japan, a special supervisory authority was established on 1 July to oversee the licensing and taxation processes in the gambling industry after its launch. This year, the status of online casinos in Belarus will also change, where gambling resources are subject to legalization.

One of the key points important for the development of gambling this year will be networking. It is possible to establish business contacts, expand the audience, learn more about new trends in the field of gambling at the thematic events, where top industry experts and leading industry representatives gather.

Cryptocurrencies in gambling

Despite the decline in interest in cryptocurrencies, their use is gaining popularity in online gambling. The benefits of using Bitcoin or Ethereum to make deposits at online casinos far outweigh the disadvantages.

Users also note the convenience of the fact that the cryptocurrency is not linked to a bank account and therefore players do not need to provide any financial data to use it. Many players hope that large casinos will begin to accept these payment methods.

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