ETHGlobal: supporting ethereum hackathons around the world

Since launching in 2015, ethereum has become the leading platform for dapps and the decentralized web. This success would not have been possible without ethereum’s passionate developer community — the largest and most active of any blockchain platform — who have built new developer tools and pushed the technology to its limits. We believe that ethereum’s continued success depends in no small part on continuing to grow and support this community, which is why we’re excited to announce ETHGlobal.

At ETHGlobal we’re leveraging our team’s experience running events like ETHWaterloo to support the next generation of ethereum hackathons. We provide tools, logistical support, a comprehensive guide to running hackathons, and access to our network of judges and sponsors in the ethereum community.

Our first event was ETHWaterloo, the world’s largest ethereum hackathon to-date. This event spawned the global phenomenon Cryptokitties, an initial plasma implementation, and a MetaMask integration in the Brave Browser to name a few. It helped foster a vibrant ecosystem for ethereum applications and cryptoeconomic research development at the University of Waterloo and surrounding region. ETHWaterloo strengthened our belief that hackathons are a great way to teach new skills, build developer communities, and push the limits of new technologies.

We’ve since received numerous requests from passionate ethereum community groups around the world to replicate our format in their home city. ETHGlobal generalizes the organizational efforts and technical toolsets from our previous hackathons to support enthusiasts who want to run events focused on ethereum and related cryptoeconomic technologies. In doing so we can help grassroots organizers create the strong developer ecosystems that grow from events like great hackathons. In the initial phase, our support will include tools for managing registrations and the technical backend of events, a comprehensive playbook for handling event organization and logistics, access to sponsors and judges, and direct assistance from our team.

We’re pleased to announce that our next supported event is ETHDenver taking place in Denver, Colorado on February 16–18, 2018.

ETHGlobal is a not-for-profit organization managed as a partnership between L4 and SV Angel and initially funded by a grant from the Ethereum Foundation. The core team includes Ethan Wilding, Liam Horne and Kartik Talwar. Liam and Kartik were organizers of ETHWaterloo and together co-founded Hack the North, Canada’s largest hackathon. We’re especially grateful to the Ethereum Foundation to help us realize our shared vision of fostering a world-class ecosystem of ethereum developers and entrepreneurs, collectively building the decentralized future.

For more information, visit our site at or email us at

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