Picture by Hanne Sofie Lindahl, Project Leader at the Norwegian Board of Technology

Norwegian Report Released on Generative Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression

Norway set to tackle new challenges for freedom of expression

Alex Moltzau
2 min readDec 12, 2023


This is a translation of the press release by the Norwegian Board of Technology.

Creating online content is no longer reserved for humans. Artificial intelligence has given machines creative abilities that enable them to participate in the public space in a human-like way. This presents completely new challenges for freedom of expression.

The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 marks the breakthrough for generative artificial intelligence. It is a general term for a type of artificial intelligence that can generate unique content — ​​everything from text and sound to images and videos.

Generative artificial intelligence will have major consequences for the digital public. Machines equipped with generative properties can create new content, take part in the public discourse in a human-like way, and at the same time represent and convey opinions, attitudes and values. In addition, the generative models lack concepts of truth and falsehood, and the complexity of the models makes it difficult for humans to understand exactly how the models work.

The report goes through both the technology and the various implications for freedom of expression, and outlines six possible measures that may be useful to consider in more detail:

  • Develop technical solutions for verification
  • Introduce labelling requirements
  • Hold the companies accountable
  • Strengthen critical understanding of digital sources
  • Support editor-controlled media
  • Influence international norm development

Those responsible for the project are Hanne Sofie Lindahl from the Norwegian Technology Council, and Cecilie Hellestveit and Vidar Strømme from the Norwegian Institute for Human Rights.

You can find the report here (in Norwegian):

You can find the machine translation here:

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