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Letter sent on Nov 13, 2015

Lost Internet identities of celebrities brought back!

Update: daveramsey.net was transferred

Update2: Due to lack of response from others. I am letting the rest expire.


I started domaining as a serious trade two days ago. I found some good names. At the same time I saw many hundreds of celebrity names being dropped. The squatters forgot to renew. So I saved a dozen celebrity .org and .net names instead of the useful names for the money I had. .com, .net and .org are the original or classic trio that are the most valuable.

I didn’t want them to fall into the hands of domain squatters like Jeff Burgar. If that happened, these domains wouldn’t be available for years or decades. That is damaging and frustrating for celebs and fans.

By morning, squatters took away all the other 100’s of celebrity names so that they could profit. They would do so by parking and showing ads to millions of users who would think that they reached the celeb page.

I am giving these rescued domains back for free to their rightful owners. They may have already lost million $ web traffic due to these squatters.

Who knows maybe they’ll give me a reward for the good will.

With this I am inventing ethical domaining. And I define it as, if you see a domain of a celebrity or company, buy it before the squatters do. Then return them to their rightful owners without charging anything. Thus you get Karma!

So I’ll be tweeting to the celebs now.

By doing this I am not profiting.


Now here is the long story with sailors and mermaid stuff…

I moved from the metro to my home town. Business became dull. Being a developer, coding at night and being a dad during day is challenging. Especially if you run your own gig. So I thought to give a go at my old hobby. I had quit domaining several years ago due to lack of motivation. I never made a dime from the 100’s of tech domains I had bought. They all got expired :(

I am a fan of BitCoin and Crypto currencies. A couple of days ago I was lucky to get hold of bitcoin related domains that some folks told may make me rich today. I became the happy owner of bitco.in.net, liteco.in.net, peer.co.in.net and dogeco.in.net. BitCoin was gone in all extensions. I was lucky that the .in.net registry was new and I was a early bird. I put up the domains for auctions at afternic, tried flippa, with no response. Disappointed :(

I had a domain linuxdroid dot com that I had from last year for a project, but the project never took off. Being a dad and working from home has a negative impact on projects. LinuxDroid would expire this month. I just posted an auction in the LET forums as renewing it wouldn’t make sense. To my surprise, within minutes I got an offer and sold it. This motivated me again. MUCH WOW

That single motivation made me decide to give more time to domaining so I could make up for the dull season. So two days ago late at night, like a sailor I went out deep into the digital ocean to fish for domains. Names with brand value means $$$. But no one could foresee what the waters would wash aboard.

I was used to 4mbps, but this vessel slow with 1mbps. I could feel the heat, the smell of plastic and the buzz of the Cisco cable modem as I traveled deeper into the ocean. Into the depths of forums, met many creatures, some friendly some aggressive. But I couldn’t find fish.

Later that night with no land in sight and with no catch, I was looking back at the times how I used to name our animals. I christened swans, goose, ducks, goats, cows, dogs, squirrels and birds. They were Natasha, Dimitri, Snoopy, Al Bundy, Britney, Jenny, DD, Daisy, Rocky, Tom, Dick and Harry, etc. I would have named my son Yuri or Klaatu if it was not for my dad. We named him after Richard M Stallman instead. I am real good at finding real good names.

All of a sudden when there was a calm, plenty of brandable fish, appeared. I fished them aboard. I was happy with the catch. Just as I was about to turn back the vessel, I noticed something strange. Saw swarms of mermaids waiting to be rescued from their evil kidnappers…

I had to do what every good sailor would do. I needed to help them, I couldn’t let the sharks (domain squatters) get hold of them. I threw away all my good catch, and I rescued a dozen .org .net mermaids till my pocket were empty! There were hundreds of those mermaids, but I was sad that I could save only a dozens or so…

The mermaids told me stories of how they were locked up for years and some for decades. The sharks were waiting for huge ransoms to be paid. But it so happened that some sharks forgot to renew the cages, giving a chance for escape…

I set back to shore. Thinking that I should re-unite these mermaids with their real family. That would be the ethical thing to do.

I had a long sleep. And went out to the ocean to see if I could find the other mermaids. They all had disappeared into the depth. One may never know after how many years or decades it would take them to get a chance to escape again. I felt that I had failed the fallen mermaids. Damn those greedy sharks!

Today I’ll try to reunite them with their .com .org .net family. They’ll be back together with their fathers, mothers and siblings (I mean rightful owners). That is surely ethical and the right thing to do.

Who knows I may get a reward for losing my good catch. After all I saved them mermaids from disappearing for decades again…

I rescued these mermaids (celebrity names):

Update: Removed the list as there was no response despite the effort. I am letting them expire. I may set some on parking for analytics and win back the reg fees I lost.
daveramsey.net (tweeted, emailed, done — transferred to his company)

If you are their family, please contact the sailor who rescued them here: maxice @ gmail.com

The End

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