Bitquence Captain’s Log #1


Bitcoin: Block 490,887
Ethereum: Block 4,398,565 
Gregorian: 2017–10–20 11:41 PM UTC

Welcome to the first Bitquence Captain’s Log.

This will be a semi-regular series to give the community insight into Bitquence’s activities from my perspective. It will include reflections on things we’re releasing, what’s happening in the market, sneak peeks into new initiatives or sometimes just my musings on blockchain technology and the industry as a whole. Hopefully this format will also give you some unique insights into the day-to-day here at Bitquence.

I’ve never felt more optimistic for the future. We have really begun to distill the work we do into five major tracks which are product, legal/compliance, technical, marketing and R&D. We’ve welcomed some incredible new team members to the team, and we’re excited to share them with you over the coming days.

On the product side, our new product manager is working wonders streamlining our development process and incorporating a lot of the feedback that we have been receiving from the product council.

On legal/compliance, we are on the cusp of completing a very innovative, new legal model that incorporates many of the features that blockchain technology affords in a way that allows us to offer a very large set of services to a global audience.

On the technical side, we’re well under way developing what we are calling “Bedrock” — a fully featured set of APIs for developers and businesses to build complex applications in the crypto ecosystem. More info on this coming very soon, but the Bitquence vision is crystallizing in some really powerful ways.

On the marketing and brand side, our new creative lead has begun to put into motion a plan that will take us from launch to mass adoption and evolve our approach to make sure we make our vision a reality and reach as many people as possible.

Finally, on the R&D side… I can’t share what we’ve been working on here yet :) But we’re working hard to do that as soon as we possibly can.

I’m very happy with the team that we have assembled. As the company’s vision and mission gains steam, we have been seeing more and more intelligent and passionate people come out of the woodwork wanting to help and participate in the vision. We welcome all those individuals with open arms. The company has a very unique energy and culture — everyone is highly motivated and hard at work to deliver a truly people-powered, world changing platform. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Until next time.