Ethos Dev Update — 12.15.2017

Hey Ethos family,

It’s KDP, your Product Manager. Sorry you haven’t heard of much from me yet through any formal communications! Since joining the team I’ve been ultra-focused on getting up to speed, making improvements to our workflow and getting our internal processes humming.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some of you, and answering your questions directly on our Telegram channel, which by the way is a great way to reach me and the rest of the Ethos team. If you haven’t done so already, come join us at!

I read ALL messages sent to @Ethos_KDP. I have a growing list of saved messages outlining your great ideas and I am baking those ideas into our feature prioritization process. So, thank you. ‎

So what have we been up to?


We’ve assembled a killer, core engineering team. You can check some of their bios on the Ethos team page, and some we’ll be introducing soon! But here’s the team so far.

Tim — A CTO that is too hungry to sit back and delegate.

Meiji — Chief Architect and relentless builder and innovator.

Andrew — Data scientist, collector and wrangler of all data on the platform.

Derek — Full stack developer, and leading front-end UI.

Pete — Security expert and continuous dev ops engineer.

Veysel — Full stack, applied cryptology and blockchain developer.

Gloria & Ellen — All things wireframe, UI and UX.

Now that the process is stable, we’re ready to expand. Check out our newly posted careers page or message @ethos_kdp on Telegram if you want to join us, test your might, and change the world.

A well-oiled machine — built on a world class agile methodology.

We’ve cemented our pipeline from ideation to creation, with smooth handoffs, an accountability-rich structure, but still preserving the flexibility to let our team level up on their creative as well as technical prowess.

We are metric-driven. We’ve increased our technical output by 118% between Sprint 1 and Sprint 2 and we won’t stop there. We just increased our development commitment by an additional 30%. Quality code delivered, and quickly.

Where are we now?

We are deep into Sprint 3, completing the in-progress feature set due on December 20th. This includes: Sign Up, Login, Introduction to Ethos, a Virtual Wallet, Watch list, generation Ethos SmartKey (expect more on this soon!), hierarchical deterministic wallets and the seed recovery process.

We have scoped out and wireframed the entire feature set of our initial Universal Wallet release. It’s a thing of beauty.

We are continuing to polish the app look, feel and function — working with our Creative + Experience team to ensure the Ethos platform is seamless, beautiful, human-centred and a dream to use.

Where to next?

The Moon? Without a doubt. But for now I’ll be here on earth, in the trenches with my engineering team, filled with lots of coffee, late nights, early mornings and blood, sweat, and tears (of happiness of course). We appreciate your enthusiasm, your patience and your support, and look forward to building this people-powered future together.

More updates soon!

With much aloha,