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Idea for enabling better choices as we reopen businesses in a COVID world


In our pandemic plagued cities, public health inspections are essential, and health inspection scores must include COVID safety compliance.

I am acutely passionate and optimistic around this topic because of the innovative work public health agencies, in partnership with local businesses and major internet sites, have already done with regular health inspections.

Courtesy Yelp

This is open data at work, following the mantra, “Make all apps more civic,” taking data previously hidden and placing it into the palm of your (disinfected) hand.

This kind of innovation is more urgent in the midst of this crisis. You do not want to go to a restaurant and only after eating spot the kitchen staff walking around without masks. You should know that before you walk through the door; in fact, you should know that before you make plans. Because with that, and the attendant shift in consumer demand, we can subtlety encourage greater compliance with COVID regulations, and so support healthier communities.

  • Translation of state or county COVID guidelines into an actionable checklist of sorts
  • Development of a methodology to assess checklist and generate scores or grades
  • Proactive inspections of places or businesses to assess their COVID compliance — this by the way should also include assessing the business’ enforcement of COVID rules on patrons (eg wearing masks)
  • Proactive publication of those scores by public health agencies in standardized formats. (Let’s keep this simple; see below.)
  • Integration of these scores into popular consumer platforms such as Yelp, Google Places, Apple Maps, Foursquare, Facebook etc



Accelerating Good Government through Great Technology

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