Ethverse Token (ETHV) Uniswap Listing Information

Alex Cupra
Aug 6, 2020 · 2 min read
Ethverse Uniswap Listing

Finally, the time has come for our much-awaited Uniswap launch. We know it can be to understand the project when you are joining the community around the launch time. So, to answer everyone’s questions and educate them about Ethverse and our Uniswap listing, we decided to write this article to get our new community members up to speed.

Quick Introduction

ETHVerse is an open, interactive, and decentralized virtual universe built using Minecraft gaming engine and Ethereum blockchain. ETHVerse users own and trade land and assets within the world. ETHVerse allows users to engage in immersive experiences and monetize assets & services

ETHVerse is packed with amazing features that will create unique experiences as well as ownership models and monetization techniques. Some of the ETHVerse features include:

  1. Land/Asset ownership

Uniswap listing Details

Uniswap listing Date: 6 Aug 2020
Liquidity will be added on 2 PM UTC
Uniswap listing price: 0.000250 ETH
Uniswap initial liquidity: 250 ETH and 1,000,000 ETHV tokens
*No additional tokens will be released for the first 24 hours after the liquidity addition

Private Sale Lockup:
Private sale tokens are time-locked till 7 Aug 2020, 2 pm UTC
Private sale tokens: 7,000,000 ETHV
Total Supply = 40,000,000 ETHV
Circulating supply (Day1) = 1,000,000 ETHV
Circulating supply (Day 2) = 8,000,000 ETHV

Vesting schedules:
Team Tokens: 2 years vesting schedule
Advisory tokens: 1 year vesting schedule
Seed sale tokens: 6 months vesting schedule
*Monthly Unlocks

ETHV Token Address: 0xeeeeeeeee2af8d0e1940679860398308e0ef24d6
Uniswap listing pair:

Uniswap liquidity will be added with an initial 60-day lockup using a smart contract. The lock time is extendable and will be extended from time to time. We have designed this lockup mechanism to provide trust within the community. The lockup also provides us the flexibility to move the liquidity to Uniswap V3 when it launches.

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