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ETHVerse is an open, interactive, and decentralized virtual universe built using Minecraft gaming engine and Ethereum blockchain. ETHVerse users own and trade land and assets within the world. ETHVerse allows users to engage in immersive experiences and monetize assets & services.

About ETHVerse

ETHVerse is a blockchain-powered MetaVerse built on the Minecraft gaming engine. ETHVerse is a decentralized world that allows users to be in control of their assets and participate in the crypto economy within the ETHVerse ecosystem.

ETHVerse consists of land parcels where the users can build anything they can imagine. To build on a land parcel, a user must either own the land or receive the authorization from the landowner. Land is an asset in ETHVerse and the citizens of ETHVerse multiverse own the title to the land. The land titles are registered on the blockchain and can be leased, sold, and transferred to anyone. Land ownership allows users the autonomy needed to build or host content on their land parcel.

ETHVerse is packed with amazing features that will create unique experiences as well as ownership models and monetization techniques. Some of the ETHVerse features include:

  1. Land/Asset ownership
  2. Building Structures
  3. Marketplace
  4. DeFi Banking
  5. Payments
  6. Monetization options
  7. Adding new cities
  8. Roleplays

ETHVerse Token

One of the foundations of a functioning society is the currency. ETHVerse Token (ETHV) is the currency that powers the ETHVerse ecosystem. ETHVerse citizens will use ETHV for all the transactions in the ETHVerse ecosystem.

Some of the use cases include:

  1. Buying and selling land
  2. Buying and trading assets
  3. Paying for services
  4. deFi Banking services
  5. Gaming
  6. Adding new cities

ETHVerse is being built with a user-centric approach and combines the best of both decentralized world and decentralized ecosystem which is rewarding and immersive. ETHVerse is now in alpha testing and new features are being added as we prepare to launch public beta of ETHVerse.

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