Ethx is now OroPocket

Tarusha M
Tarusha M
Dec 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Ethx has transformed into Oropocket!

Ethx was started with a vision to create a universal investment platform hence the products like dot me and trsts were added to the ethx ecosystem — we are growing up.

We are evolving. We are adding more assets, we are being compliant in a very proactive manner in order to make sure that you, as a user are never left high and dry due to the dynamic nature of the policy in the digital assets space.

We are also recording digital assets holdings on blockchain.

What changes?

We have added digital precious metals to the dashboard, along with solid crypto tokens.

As per your country policy — you would be able to trade, get paid in and invest in assets.

The logo and the name have changed but we are committed to give you an amazing experience. (New Link:

Our vision is to build a universal investment platform.

We truly believe that people should be able to choose what they intend to do with their hard-earned money.

Oropocket provides you with a platform to do so, easily — be it via investments, trades, remittance or simply getting paid for your services.

We are integrating into a personal payment page for Oro. (Available only for beta users now)

We have also integrated Trsts into the platform — all documents that you would be signing with us would be on Trsts. A smart digital signature platform.

Your investment holdings are now recorded on blockchain for added security. This feature is currently in beta.

In order to use OroPocket, you would have to signup again, even if you are an existing user of ethx.

What remains the same

We are still committed to providing you with a platform that is simple to use.

Our seamless support team is at your beck and call for any kind of queries.

The community and the social media presence remains the same, just the branding has changed.

The team behind these wonderful products, now under the same brand, remains the same.

Concerns Addressed

  1. What happens to my crypto holdings?
  2. What about the ethx token?

We are allowing a 30 day period in which you can withdraw your holdings from your dashboard. All withdrawals would be processed after levying the fee — within a period of 90 days.

Ethx token is being now traded live at ForkDelta.


Our vision was to and remains to build an inclusive and universal — thus global — investment platform.

We would be adding a host of other assets, as well. This includes but is not limited to investment in multiple vaults for digital metals, including more metals like platinum into the foray, adding more investment mediums or instruments, as well.

We want remittance to become easy and seamless rather than the tedium that it is now. Oro changes that.

For new users

Oro is for now an invite-only platform. Oro is for anyone who wants to be smarter about their wealth.

Do sign up and try to get ahead in the queue.

We are open to all suggestions from which instrument you would like to see next on the platform to any concern you might have.

For existing users of ETHX

As you have stood by us from the very onset — we are giving early access to you for the platform.

You can sign up immediately using the link that we have sent to you over email.

Wrapping up

This was our big announcement and we are excited to have you onboard.

In case, you have more questions, please headover to read the FAQ section.

In case you want to know which assets are available for you, right now — check this country wise list.

With new year’s and an onset of a new decade — here is to new beginnings. We look forward to your support and are grateful for your kind patronage.


Universal Investment Platform on Blockchain

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